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New Items

Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper HPP203

Unique, star-shaped fruits are of variable heat, sometimes exceeding that... Read More
Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper

Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper HPP199

Another in the infamous Scorpion series, so you know that near-lethal heat... Read More
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper HPP195

Same malevolent shape and form as Bhut Jolokia, and the heat level is comparably... Read More
Tobago Seasoning Hot Pepper

Tobago Seasoning Hot Pepper HPP193

Seasoning peppers are a mild peppers sometimes used in the Caribbean. These... Read More
Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper

Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper HPP192

Habanero flavor without all the heat! Mildly spicy, bullet-shaped fruits... Read More
Speckled Snake Gourd

Speckled Snake Gourd GD134

This is an ornamental gourd that is super fun to grow. A true gourd that... Read More
Zucca Gourd

Zucca Gourd GD137

You can’t miss this gourd growing in your garden, with an average weight... Read More
Xiaohulu Gourd

Xiaohulu Gourd GD135

Elegant hourglass-shaped bottle gourds reach about 16 inches in length.... Read More
Grandpas home hot pepper

Grandpa's Home Hot Pepper HPP175

Brilliant red 2 inch peppers are borne upright on tidy plants. The medium... Read More
Wheat, Cham 2

Wheat, Cham 2 GS137

Bread wheat from Syria, where the semi-dwarf plants are usually grown under... Read More
Winter Rye

Winter Rye GS140

This is an excellent winter cover crop, especially for those who do not... Read More
Lightning Mix Hot Pepper

Lightning Mix Hot Pepper HPP173

Very hot habanero type developed by noted Mennonite grower James Weaver... Read More
Red Faro Quinoa

Red Faro Quinoa GS139

This is a highly productive grain quinoa that can double as an ornamental... Read More
Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon

Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon JM102

Round version of our popular Jelly Melon. Fruits are about 3" in diameter,... Read More
Red Velvet Lettuce

Red Velvet Lettuce LT165

Deep maroon leaves with green undersides will add gorgeous color to the... Read More

Regina Strawberry GR223

Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored. Fruits are wide-shouldered... Read More
Regina Dei Ghiacci Lettuce

Regina Dei Ghiacci Lettuce LT172

A wholly superior crisphead (iceberg) type, this French heirloom shows... Read More
Flashy Lightning Lettuce

Flashy Lightning Lettuce LT176

This stuff is hot and in a hurry. A quick heading butter with compact dark... Read More
Baron Sole Macher

Baron Von Solemacher Strawberry GR222

Antique German variety yields dainty clusters of berries that are very... Read More
Truimpheter or Glory of Voorburg Lettuce

Triumpheter or Glory of Voorburg Lettuce LT177

This delicious butter head type won over our staff in our 2015 lettuce... Read More
Kag Dum Papaya

Kag Dum Papaya GR141

Thai papaya variety that yields quickly! Fruits are dark green outside,... Read More
Arctic King Lettuce

Arctic King Lettuce LT179

A particularly rugged butter head variety that is exceptionally cold tolerant.... Read More
Melba Melon

Melba Melon ML131

Elongated cream-colored fruits weigh about a pound, sometimes a bit more.... Read More
Dwarf Tamarillo

Dwarf Tamarillo GR136

Miniature version of our regular Tamarillo, and a close relative. But this... Read More
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