New Items

New Items

Gilia Globe

Gilia Globe WF135

Hardy annual. Globe-shaped, tightly-packed clusters of sky-blue to violet... Read More
Peppermint Sticks Balsam

Peppermint Sticks Balsam FL121

A lovely red and white mottled balsam variety that really makes a beautiful... Read More
Macarenia - Zinnia

Macarenia - Zinnia FL861

Annual. Ravishing flowers look like crimson velvet laced with gold! Large... Read More
St. John's Fire Salvia

St. John's Fire Salvia FL702

Tender perennial usually grown as an annual. Very early, very dwarf (to... Read More
Dwarf Banana Collection

Dwarf Banana Collection (PRE-ORDER) PL127

(PRE-ORDER PLANTS WILL SHIP AFTER APRIL 1, 2015) Dwarf types with fruits... Read More
Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana

Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana (PRE-ORDER) PL129

(PRE-ORDER PLANTS WILL SHIP AFTER APRIL 1, 2015) Widely regarded as one... Read More
Goldilocks 2

Goldilocks WF131

(also known as Gloriosa Daisy)Annual, biennial or short-lived perennial.... Read More
Midnight Dreams Bell Pepper

Midnight Dreams Bell Pepper PP189

75 days. Blocky four-lobed bells are the most amazing ebony-black we have... Read More
Warta Radish

Warta Radish RD145

35 days--Polish variety that is getting a lot of attention. Carmine red,... Read More
Stevens' Cranberry

Stevens' Cranberry (PRE-ORDER) PL109


(Vaccinium... Read More

Truly Tiny Banana

Truly Tiny Banana (PRE-ORDER) PL119

(Musa) We believe this to be the smallest edible banana... Read More

Douchoua Pepper Tomato

Douchoua Pepper Tomato TY146

Graceful bell-pepper-shaped fruits, about the size of large plums, have... Read More
Bean Meraviglia Di Venezia bush

Meraviglia Di Venezia Bean BN166

Bush, 55 days. The name translates to “Marvel of Venice” and this stringless... Read More
Landis Winter Lettuce

Landis Winter Lettuce WW106

(Lactuca sativa) We acquired this dark green classic Pennsylvania Dutch... Read More
McGregor's Favorite Beet

McGregor's Favorite Beet BT124

Old dual-purpose variety is grown for both its leaves and its roots. The... Read More
Bridal Silk Poppy

Bridal Silk Poppy FL594

Hardy annual—Finally, someone has come up with an all-white strain of Flanders... Read More
Violet Sparkle Pepper

Violet Sparkle Pepper PP167

75 days—Pointed, wedge-shaped fruits are purple streaked with pale yellow.... Read More
Flamboyant Radish

Flamboyant Radish RD139

28 days--Plump, barrel-shaped roots, reaching to 4" long, are rosy-pink... Read More
Kakai Squash

Kakai Squash SQ285

New! (C. pepo) 100 days—Kakai's completely hull-less seeds are superb for... Read More

Yacon (PRE-ORDER) PL113


(Smallanthus... Read More

Edgar's Baby Dragon Fruit

Edgar's Baby Dragon Fruit (PRE-ORDER) PL120


(Hylocereus... Read More

Tall White Sweet Alyssum

Tall White Sweet Alyssum FL108

Annual. This cheery white denizen of cottage gardens since who-knows-when... Read More
Moranga Squash

Moranga Squash SQ505

(C. maxima) 95 days. We are so excited to at last have seeds... Read More

Mazurkia - Zinnia

Mazurkia - Zinnia FL862

Annual. Each scarlet petal is tipped in cream, and both are set off by... Read More
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