New Items

New Items

Milkweed, Red or Swamp

Milkweed, Red or Swamp HB229

Perennial—Rosy-pink-flowered Milkweed that is the best choice for moist... Read More
Miranda Squash

Miranda Squash SQ301

(C. pepo) 105 days—Polish hull-less seeded variety. Plants... Read More

Miss Jekyll Mix Love-In-A-Mist

Miss Jekyll Mix Love-In-A-Mist FL221

Hardy annual--If the foliage is like filigree, the star-like blooms are... Read More
Eggplant Mitoyo

Mitoyo EG201

Large fruits are oval to teardrop-shaped and nearly black. Flesh is very... Read More

Mixed Colors Daisy FL295

(Dimorphotheca aurantiaca)Sunny, yellow to orange single... Read More

Model Melon

Model Melon ML132

75 days. Globular fruits are lightly netted. The green flesh is thick,... Read More
Molokai Purple Sweet Potato

Molokai Purple Sweet Potato PL115

Purple-fleshed type that is a locally-developed, signature type on the... Read More
Mom's Special Dahlia

Mom's Special Dahlia DA101

These dinnerplate dahlias look good enough to eat! Lavender streaks the... Read More
Monika Cucumber

Monika Cucumber CU184

55 days. From our Polish grower, who recommends ‘Monika’ for pickles.... Read More
Moranga Squash

Moranga Squash SQ302

(C. maxima) 95 days. We are so excited to at last have seeds... Read More

Morning Dew Pansy

Morning Dew Pansy FL271

Cheerful, little pansy flowers in a range of colors including burgundy,... Read More
Moss Rose, Orange Extra Double Portulaca

Moss Rose, Orange Extra Double Portulaca FL252

Annual. Splendid, consistently double blooms in deep orange. The intense... Read More
Moss Rose, Single Mix Portulaca

Moss Rose, Single Mix Portulaca FL251

Annual. Heat-tolerant mix of brilliant Portulaca colors in single flowers—cerise,... Read More

Mountaineer Half Runner Bean BN152

55 days--(Also called Old Dutch Half Runner) Tender snap bean is a longtime... Read More
Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing

Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing PL105

(Morus nigra) Morus nigra is a medium size black mulberry with a sweet... Read More
Musa 'Basjoo' Banana

Musa 'Basjoo' Banana PL122

The world’s hardiest banana! Documented to survive temps to -20 degrees... Read More
Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana

Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana PL123

Widely regarded as one of the best-tasting varieties! Seldom exceeds 10... Read More
New York Eggplant

New York Improved Eggplant EG192

75 days. Large black fruit produced on compact plants. The tasty flesh... Read More
Northern Lights Linaria or Toadflax

Northern Lights Linaria or Toadflax FL139

Hardy annual. Taller than Fairy Bouquet Mix, reaching sometimes to 20”.... Read More
Oaxaca Green Corn

Oaxacan Green CN147

85-100 days. The stunningly beautiful ears come in a range of greens,... Read More

Oda Pepper PP190

70 days--Very strong, compact plants cranks out tapered, pointed bells... Read More
Okinawa Spinach

Okinawa Spinach PL102

(Gynura crepiodies) Indonesian native takes full sun to partial shade;... Read More
Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato PL117

(Ipomoea batatas) Descended from the first sweet potatoes to reach Japan,... Read More
Okragly Ciemnoczerwony (Bordo)

Okragly Ciemnoczerwony (Bordo) Beet BT123

Smooth, blemish-free round-to-top-shaped beets are very dark red. Very... Read More
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