New Items

New Items

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper HPP206

Traditional Panamanian relative of Habanero. Fruits are elongated, with... Read More
Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper

Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper PP185

80 days--Here's a really outstanding roasting pepper from eastern Macedonia.... Read More
Akha Purple Mountain Bean

Akha Purple Mountain Bean AB118

This a purple dry bean that we found at a market in Chiang Rai, Thailand.... Read More
Thai Striped Asian Bean

Akha Striped Bean AB120

These compact plants are highly productive and produce the most beautiful... Read More
Alabama Black Butterbean - Lima Bean

Alabama Black Butterbean - Lima Bean LB108

Incredibly prolific lima from the South. This seed was first sent to us... Read More
Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo Pepper HPP209

(80 days) Called pul biber ("flaked pepper")... Read More

Alpine Mix Poppy

Alpine Mix Poppy FL957

(Papaver alpinum) Perennial range of colors, from white and slamon pink to... Read More
Amanda Hershberger Multiplier Onion a

Amanda Hershberger Multiplier Onion ONB102

Never buy onion sets again!.....This incredible heirloom onion was shared... Read More
Amos Coli Tomato

Amos Coli Tomato TX129

Gorgeous plums are the epitome of what makes a tomato great for paste and... Read More
Anasazi - Squash

Anasazi - Squash SQ307

(Also called Hopi Groie) Ancient Southwestern squash variety believed to... Read More
Ancash Market Cucumber

Ancash Market Cucumber WW127

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! Collected in Chacas, Peru by the late... Read More
Arbogast Pea

Arbogast Pea WW133

Dating from the 1870s this heirloom classic is a Pennsylvania Dutch selection... Read More
Arctic King Lettuce

Arctic King Lettuce LT179

A particularly rugged butter head variety that is exceptionally cold tolerant.... Read More
Australian Warted, Gourd

Australian Warted, Gourd GD132

Teardrop-shaped gourds are cream-colored and just mildly warted. The fruits... Read More
Avalune Mix Lupine

Avalune Mix Lupine FL411

An excellent mix of dwarf lupines, these bloom early and will perform well... Read More
Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper PP183

We're thrilled to offer this classic, sweet wax pepper that has been grown... Read More
Baron Sole Macher

Baron Von Solemacher Strawberry GR222

Antique German variety yields dainty clusters of berries that are very... Read More
Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato TX130

Pale yellow cherries are delicious, and grow on some of the largest clusters... Read More
Ba-Ye-Qi Sorghum

Ba-Ye-Qi Sorghum WW128

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This rare heirloom from Central Asia... Read More
Biquinho Pepper

Biquinho Hot Pepper HPP501

Pronounced bee-KEE-nyo, the name of this landrace from Brazil means “little... Read More
Black Beauty Tomato

Black Beauty Tomato TX125

World’s Darkest Tomato-- the darkest tomato we know of! A dark, meaty,... Read More
Black King Pansy

Black King Pansy FL951

A truly royal flower, this rich, large pansy has gorgeous petals, a satiny,... Read More
Black Turtle Bean

Black Turtle Bean BN169

Splendid dark purple-black bean that is widely grown throughout Latin America,... Read More
Thornless Blackberry Assortment (PRE ORDER)

Blackberry, Thornless Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL147

Grow your own tasty blackberries at home without the pain of thorns! This... Read More
Blue Balloon Flower

Blue Balloon Flower FL956

This is a lovely and unique perennial, the blooms will expand like an inflated... Read More
Blue Butterfly Pea

Blue Butterfly Pea HB246

This is a single flower butterfly pea; beautiful, simplistic blue flowers... Read More
Blue Cream Berries Tomato

Blue Cream Berries Tomato TX124

A super-sweet cherry tomato, cream berries are super prolific. These boast... Read More
Blue of Hungaria Winter Sqaush

Blue of Hungaria-Winter Squash SQ250

(C. maxima) This very rare European heirloom yields squat jack o' lantern... Read More
Northern Blueberry Assortment (PRE ORDER)

Blueberry, Northern Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-May) PL148

Productive and delicious blueberries for the northern gardener. We have... Read More
Pink Lemonade

Blueberry, Pink Lemonade (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL160

We love this blueberry for its beautiful, bright pink berries and flowers!... Read More
Southern Blueberry Assortment (PRE-ORDER)

Blueberry, Southern Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL146

Productive and delicious blueberries for the southern gardener. We have... Read More
Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper HPP203

Unique, star-shaped fruits are of variable heat, sometimes exceeding that... Read More
Brown Netted Cucumber

Brown Netted Cucumber CU164

Also known as Agourci de Russie, Russian Netted Cucumber. Yet another name,... Read More
Buena Mulata

Buena Mulata Hot Pepper HPP500

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This pepper classic was acquired in... Read More
Canoe Creek Colossal

Canoe Creek Colossal AML152

Big, beautiful melons can reach 20 lbs, making this one of the largest... Read More
Carousel Zinnia

Carousel Zinnia FL834

This is a bright and flashy zinnia with a classic daisy form. Kids love... Read More
Cherry Caramel Phlox

Cherry Caramel Phlox FL230

Very fragrant blooms in an unusual range of colors for a Phlox—pale lavender... Read More
Chestnut Chocolate Tomato

Chestnut Chocolate Tomato TX127

Great flavor, high yields, and marked disease resistance. The indigo coloring... Read More
Chiba Green Soybean 2

Chiba Green Soybean SY113

This variety is even earlier than Midori Giant at about 60 to 65... Read More

Chidori Rose-Red Morning Glory

Chidori Rose-Red Morning Glory FL931

We loved the look of this plant in our trials this summer. The twisted,... Read More
Chile Caballo Hot Pepper

Chile Caballo Hot Pepper HPP214

Also called Chile Manzano in Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia; we got this particular... Read More
Chinese Pink, Radish

Chinese Pink, Radish RD151

Pinkish red roots with white flesh; elongated cylindrical shape; 6-7" long;... Read More
Chinese White Celery

Chinese White Celery CE111

Chinese celery is a delicious, thin stalked type of celery that is noted... Read More
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper HPP195

Same malevolent shape and form as Bhut Jolokia, and the heat level is comparably... Read More
Chyornyi Tarasenko Tomato

Chyornyi Tarasenko Tomato TP143

Developed by Ukrainian amateur breeder Fedor Tarasenko. The name means... Read More
Clay County Watermelon

Clay County WM171

Extremely rare heirloom from Clay County, Alabama. Our original seed has... Read More
Corbaci Pepper

Corbaci Pepper PP157

Unique and wonderful sweet pepper. Very long 10-inch fruit are curved and... Read More
Corrientes Cowpea

Corrientes Cowpea CW111

Beautiful, deep red peas. The pods are excellent as snap beans and are... Read More
Cosmic Eclipse Tomato

Cosmic Eclipse Tomato TX126

This totally unique variety is amazing! Smooth, 2- to 3-ounce fruits start... Read More
Cupid Golden Marigold

Cupid Golden Marigold FL213

The third Cupid comes in brilliant yellow. Dwarf plants and proportionately... Read More
Cupid Orange Marigold

Cupid Orange Marigold FL212

The most adorable little African marigolds for bedding! Seldom exceeding... Read More
Dakota Ivory Corn

Dakota Ivory Corn CN161

Ivory-colored flour corn. Kernels are plump and surprisingly sweet. When... Read More
Dappled Grey Bean

Dappled Grey Bean BN174

Bush, 90 days Plump soup beans are named for the famous gray-and-white... Read More
Desi Summer Squash

Desi Summer Squash SSQ143

The Desi summer squash was one of the most incredible discoveries of 2015!... Read More
Bean Dolico

Dolico-Occhio Nerore Bean BN168

6-inch pods are stringless, round and medium green. Flavor is very good.... Read More
Dwarf Tamarillo

Dwarf Tamarillo GR136

Miniature version of our regular Tamarillo, and a close relative. But this... Read More
Echinacea Pallida

Echinacea Pallida HB242

This is an excellent choice for those who like the company of hummingbirds... Read More
Egyptian Okra

Egyptian Okra WW129

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! We acquired this rare landrace from... Read More
El Dorado Zinnia

El Dorado Zinnia FL857

As reliable as it is beautiful, this medium-large double flowered zinnia... Read More
Emperor Chinese Kale

Emperor - Chinese Kale OR144

A tender, mildly spicy Chinese kale. These plants boast large, tender leaves... Read More
Fantastic Yellow Gold Marigold

Fantastic Yellow Gold Marigold FL154

Brilliant, golden-yellow blooms are amazingly beautiful with their long,... Read More
Figitelli Sicilia, Sweet Pepper

Figitelli Sicilia, Sweet Pepper PP182

Full-sized plants often reach 30 inches, of upright habit. The smooth-skinned... Read More
Flashy Lightning Lettuce

Flashy Lightning Lettuce LT176

This stuff is hot and in a hurry. A quick heading butter with compact dark... Read More
Flat White Boer Pumpkin

Flat White Boer Pumpkin SQ207

( C. maxima) 105 days. Attractive, very flat, pure white pumpkins that... Read More
Fortna White Pumpkin Winter Squash

Fortna White Pumpkin Winter Squash SQ208

(C. mixta) A unique pear-shaped pumpkin with lovely white skin. The vines... Read More
Full Red Radish

Full Red Radish RD149

A gargantuan, spicy winter radish, skin is a brilliant red, while the inside... Read More
Geranium Kiss Tomato

Geranium Kiss Tomato TM254

This is a top choice for container growing. These stocky dwarf plants max... Read More
Glass Gem Corn

Glass Gem Corn CN162

Indescribably beautiful flint or popcorn comes in an endless range... Read More

Gold Rush Current Tomato

Gold Rush Currant Tomato TO132

Tiny currant tomatoes ripen a deep, rich golden orange. And so sweet! The... Read More
Golden Acre Cabbage

Golden Acre Cabbage CB122

Very early, high quality sort. Dense, solid heads are very spherical, 5-7... Read More
Grandpas home hot pepper

Grandpa's Home Hot Pepper HPP175

Brilliant red 2 inch peppers are borne upright on tidy plants. The medium... Read More

Grape, Muscadine Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-May) PL149

A fantastic collection for the southern grower, muscadine grapes are native... Read More
Green Amsoi Miike Giant Mustard

Green Amsoi Miike Giant Mustard OG126

50 days--(Brassica juncea) Curled and very frilly medium green leaves stay... Read More
Green Beauty Tendril Pea

Green Beauty Pea SN123

A magnificent purple-flowered snow pea. Medium-green pods are tender even... Read More
Green Gage Yellow Tomato

Green Gage Yellow Tomato WW125

One of our favorite cottage garden tomatoes. This Victorian classic was... Read More
Guava Assortment (PRE-ORDER)

Guava, Rare Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL145

Guava Assortment-- Grow your own delicious guavas at home! Although guavas... Read More
pak choy

Hong Tae Pak Choy OR149

Perfect for marketing, these tidy, compact plants are medium sized and... Read More
Hopi Pink Flour Corn

Hopi Pink Flour Corn CN132

A truly lovely native variety that has kernels in shades of pink, mauve... Read More
Horace Boyette Burpless

Horace Boyette Burpless CU158

Fine, mild-flavored, burpless all-purpose cuke for pickles or slicing.... Read More
Hungarian Broomcorn Sorghum

Hungarian Broomcorn Sorghum SR106

Golden heads are loaded with red seeds when mature. This variety makes... Read More
Indomatrone - Squash

Indomatrone - Squash SQ289

Small, squat, gray pumpkins are dry-fleshed and very sweet. The flavor... Read More
Keiryu Mountain Stream Morning Glory

Keiryu Mountain Stream Morning Glory FL939

This is one of the best morning glories we have grown, it was on display... Read More
King and Queen Winter Watermelon 2

King and Queen of Winter Watermelon WM203

Storage or “winter” melon that has unusually long shelf-life. Rind is the... Read More
Kish White Cucumber

Kish White Cucumber CU179

Quite possibly the earliest-documented Amish cucumber variety in Pennsylvania!... Read More
Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon

Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon JM102

Round version of our popular Jelly Melon. Fruits are about 3" in diameter,... Read More
Kogigu Winter Squash

Kogigu Winter Squash SQ304

(C. moschata) Exquisite gem of traditional Japanese squash breeding! Fruits... Read More
Kyoto Red Carrot

Kyoto Red Carrot CR132

This is a Japanese kintoki type (sweet red) carrot. These silky red carrots... Read More
Lightning Mix Hot Pepper

Lightning Mix Hot Pepper HPP173

Very hot habanero type developed by noted Mennonite grower James Weaver... Read More
Livingston's Favorite Tomato

Livingston's Favorite Tomato WW124

Developed in 1883 by Ohio tomato breeder Alexander Livingston. This beautiful... Read More
Lucid Gem Tomato

Lucid Gem Tomato TX128

This new Brad Gates selection is an absolute masterpiece! Slicing-type... Read More
Lucky Tiger Tomato

Lucky Tiger Tomato TS161

This is an elongated, green when ripe tomato that will mature to dark green... Read More
Magnolia Tendril Pea

Magnolia Blossom Tendril Pea SN122

An innovative hypertendril snap pea bred by Dr. Alan Kapular PhD. Hypertendril... Read More
Makataan Watemelon

Makataan Watermelon WW134

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This rare and unusual preserving melon... Read More
Marconi Bean Seed

Marconi a Grano Bianco Bean BN167

White-seeded Italian variety. Makes great snaps, or use as a shell variety:... Read More
Masterpiece Fava

Masterpiece Fava Bean FB106

Enormous pods contain up to 7 large, flat, green favas each! This is arguably... Read More
Maule's Philadelphia Lettuce

Maule's Philadelphia Lettuce WW126

Introduced in 1888 by W. Atlee Burpee under the name California Cream... Read More
Melba Melon

Melba Melon ML131

Elongated cream-colored fruits weigh about a pound, sometimes a bit more.... Read More
Menina Rajada Seca - Squash

Menina Rajada Seca - Squash SQ185

Large, long, butternut-shaped fruit with light-green to tan skin. In size... Read More
Mennonite Cushaw Winter Squash

Mennonite Cushaw Winter Squash SQ294

(C. mixta) Cushaw-type neck-pumpkins are lavishly produced on rampant vines.... Read More
Midori Giant Soya bean

Midori Giant Soya bean SY112

Early maturing edamame type with very large two to three seeded pods. ... Read More

Molly Frazier's White Cutshort

Molly Frazier's White Cutshort BN120

A favorite of a local family for several generations, the green pods are... Read More
Moringa Dwarf

Moringa Dwarf HB245

(Moringa oleifera) This is a very special dwarf variety from India. Unlike... Read More
Mushroom Basket Tomato

Mushroom Basket Tomato TK164

75 days (determinate) One of the most beautiful and attractive tomatoes... Read More
Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper

Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper HPP199

Another in the infamous Scorpion series, so you know that near-lethal heat... Read More
Negrito Manduvi Peanut 3

Negrito Manduvi Peanut PE103

Precious little mini-peanut has very tiny shells measuring just about... Read More
Nimba Zucchini Summer Squash

Nimba Zucchini-Summer Squash SSQ117

This early and hardy zucchini comes from Poland; nice medium-green color.... Read More
Ojo De Tigre Bean

Ojo De Tigre Bean BN170

The pods of this pinto-like bean can be picked immature for fresh eating,... Read More
Oopsy Daisy Calendula

Oopsy Daisy Calendula FL199

Unusually compact plants sport unusually gentle tones of orange, gold and... Read More
Orange Four O'Clock

Orange Four O'Clock FL188

The most beautiful orange flower we have ever seen! Stunning, orange-soda... Read More
Oros Chinese Kale

Oros-Chinese Kale OR143

Compact, upright plants are quick growing and taste delicious. The flavor... Read More
Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage

Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage OR145

A quick growing, non—heading Chinese cabbage, this variety is absolutely... Read More
Painted Mountain Corn

Painted Mountain Corn CN101

This corn is the very definition of rugged beauty! These incredibly tough... Read More
Palatine June Bean

Palatine June Bean WW130

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! Called Pfälzer Juni in the German Rhineland.... Read More
Pastila Shampan-Winter Squash

Pastila Shampan-Winter Squash SQ249

(C. maxima) Originated in France but our original seeds came from Bulgaria.... Read More
Paydon Family - Squash

Paydon Family - Squash SQ209

An Acorn-type squash that has a tan rind with unique brown speckles. Large... Read More
Pernot Clair, Radish

Pernot Clair, Radish RD148

30 days Here's a delightful spring radish, popular in Europe, but offered... Read More
Peth Nam Eak Chinese Kale

Peth Nam Eak-Chinese Kale OR142

This Chinese Kale has an outstanding mellow and nutty flavor, the stems... Read More
Philadelphia White Box Radish

Philadelphia White Box Radish RD121

This is a historic variety that dates back to the 1890s. The name box radish... Read More
Pineapple Assortment (PRE-ORDER

Pineapple, Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL150

These exotic tropical plants can also be grown easily in pots anywhere... Read More
pumpkin yam

Pumpkin Yam (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL137

A delicious old-fashioned sweet potoato that has golden-red skin and moist,... Read More
Purple Dove Garden Seed

Purple Dove Bush Bean BN150

Here's a spectacular new offering from plant breeder Robert Lobitz. Gorgeous... Read More
Dragon Carrot

Purple Dragon Carrot CR129

Gorgeous reddish-purple exterior is smooth and very attractive—unusually... Read More
Purple Kingsessing Bean

Purple Kingsessing Bean WW132

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This one of the oldest documented... Read More
Ram's Horn Bean

Ram's Horn Bean BN172

This unique antique has a super cool growing habit that has amused American... Read More
Glencoe Raspberry

Raspberry, Glencoe Thornless (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL161

An excellent choice for home gardeners, this is a compact, less aggressive... Read More
Red Faro Quinoa

Red Faro Quinoa GS139

This is a highly productive grain quinoa that can double as an ornamental... Read More
Red Swan Heirloom Bean

Red Swan Bush Bean BN181

Here’s another beautiful selection from the late Robert Lobitz, the Minnesota... Read More
Red Velvet Lettuce

Red Velvet Lettuce LT165

Deep maroon leaves with green undersides will add gorgeous color to the... Read More

Regina Strawberry GR223

Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored. Fruits are wide-shouldered... Read More
Rouge von Paris Bean

Rouge von Paris Bean WW131

This beautiful bush bean was first introduced at the Paris Expo in 1854... Read More
Rubinato Cosmo

Rubinato Cosmo FL152

Here's an outstanding addition to the Cosmos clan—award-winning color on... Read More
Ruby Queen Beet

Ruby Queen Beet BT127

Outstanding home garden beet with a very short top, just 10" in height,... Read More
Sakurajima Giant Radish

Sakurajima Giant Radish RD155

Imaginations like the “Giant Radish” of Japan. Was grown on the Island... Read More
Siamese Giant

Siamese Giant Cucumber CU163

Here is a very large cucumber that is yellowish-white. Most of the fruits... Read More
Singara Rat's Tail Radish

Singara Rat's Tail Radish RD150

Amazing Bean-Like Pods! A delicacy in India, this radish does not produce... Read More
 Smoke Signal Indian Popcorn

Smoke Signal Indian Popcorn CN163

Not only does this traditional Native American corn make a stunning ornamental... Read More
Snap Melon

Snap Melon ML130

(Cucumis melo var momordica) The sub-species name 'momordica 'refers to... Read More
Solar Flashback Mix Calendula

Solar Flashback Mix Calendula FL198

Here’s a charming new release from renowned breeder Frank Morton. Double... Read More
Sora Deep Purple Morning Glory

Sora Deep Purple Morning Glory FL932

These bushy plants have massive funnel shaped flowers characteristic to... Read More
Spanish Tolosana Bean

Spanish Tolosana Bean BN171

Bush 85 days (Also known as Prince) This magnificent kidney-bean dates... Read More
Speckled Snake Gourd

Speckled Snake Gourd GD134

This is an ornamental gourd that is super fun to grow. A true gourd that... Read More
Spring Blush Tendril Pea

Spring Blush Tendril Pea SN121

Incredible new blushed green and purple podded snap pea. Flowers are stunning... Read More
Springtime Cassis Pansy

Springtime Cassis Pansy FL950

This is a gorgeous deep purple pansy. The petals have a dark grape color... Read More
Sugar Baby Bush

Sugar Baby Bush Watermelon WM198

Here is an exciting variety for small gardens; the dwarf vines only grow... Read More
Sugar Stars Phlox

Sugar Stars Phlox FL232

Very fragrant blooms in an unusual range of colors for a Phlox—pale lavender... Read More
Table King Bush Squash

Table King Bush-Winter or Summer Squash SQ295

(C. pepo) Here's a bush version of the legendary Table King acorn squash.... Read More
Tendergreen Bush Bean

Tendergreen Bush Bean BN159

One of the finest quality beans with round, slender pods, straight and... Read More
Tennessee Tall Sorghum

Tennessee Tall Sorghum SR123

Syrup sorghum that originated in Tennessee. Our seed comes to us by way... Read More
Tesuque Chile Hot Pepper

Tesuque Chile Hot Pepper HPP205

Fruits ripen fairly early, with medium-sized, thin-walled fruits mainly... Read More
Thai Black Cowpea

Thai Black Cowpea CW162

Popular in Thailand, this heirloom produces good yields of black beans... Read More
Thai Pai Sai Muskmelon

Thai Pai Sai Muskmelon OML122

A beautiful and unusual melon collected in Thailand. The elongated fruit... Read More
purple beans

Thai Purple Bush Bean AB122

This is an amazing purple yard long bean, brilliant purple pods are produced... Read More
Thai soldier

Thai Soldier Long Bean LG122

Vigorous bush habit for those who want to grow long beans but prefer not... Read More
Thai Striped Peanut

Thai Striped Peanut PE107

This peanut was discovered by Baker Creek Seeds founders Jere and... Read More

Thorburn's Terra-Cotta Tomato

Thorburn's Terra-Cotta Tomato TP500

Introduced in 1893 by James Thorburn of New York, this is one of the most... Read More
Tobago Seasoning Hot Pepper

Tobago Seasoning Hot Pepper HPP193

Seasoning peppers are a mild peppers sometimes used in the Caribbean. These... Read More
 Top Crop Bean

Top Crop Bean BN158

This bean lives up to its name as the top of the crop, raking in a 1950... Read More
Tours Pumpkin Winter Squash

Tours Pumpkin or Citrouille De Touraine Winter Squash SQ225

(C. pepo) This tall decorative pumpkin hails from Tours, France. This is... Read More
Truimpheter or Glory of Voorburg Lettuce

Triumpheter or Glory of Voorburg Lettuce LT177

This delicious butter head type won over our staff in our 2015 lettuce... Read More
True Gold Corn

True Gold Corn CN133

A real crowd pleaser, True Gold Corn is fast growing and tough, all the... Read More

Tzimbalo Melon Pear GR135

This wild relative of Pepino is similar to it, and may even be Pepino's... Read More
Wheat, Cham 2

Wheat, Cham 2 GS137

Bread wheat from Syria, where the semi-dwarf plants are usually grown under... Read More
White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy

White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy FL598

Creamy-white flowers are huge, and almost unbelievably double--packed to... Read More
White Pak Choi

White Pak Choi OR146

These small medium plants are crisp, refreshing and mild. Adaptable to... Read More
White Spanish Pearl

White Spanish Pearl PE104

Comparatively small shells each contain 1-2 good-sized "goobers."... Read More

Winter Flowering Hiemalis Pansy

Winter Flowering Hiemalis Pansy FL955

"Hiemalis" refers to wintertime in Latin, and these are a different species,... Read More
Winter Rye

Winter Rye GS140

This is an excellent winter cover crop, especially for those who do not... Read More
Xanthos Cosmo

Xanthos Cosmo FL153

"Xanthos" means "yellow"in Greek. This one comes in a focused range of... Read More
Xiaohulu Gourd

Xiaohulu Gourd GD135

Elegant hourglass-shaped bottle gourds reach about 16 inches in length.... Read More
Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory

Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory FL935

This a Japanese Imperial type morning glory, which are characterized by... Read More
Yama Pink Morning Glory

Yama Pink Morning Glory FL933

Very soft shell pink flowers are very large and showy! Compact plants seldom... Read More
Yellow Eye Cowpea

Yellow Eye Cowpea CW169

Early, vigorous and productive cowpea of unknown history; but the variety... Read More
Yellow Toothache Plant 2

Yellow Toothache Plant HB250

These potent little flowers are a pretty yellow throughout. Stocky plants... Read More
Yhod Fah Chinese Kale

Yhod Fah-Chinese Kale OR132

A tasty flat leaf kale, great for fresh eating or cooked, with a flavor... Read More
Yugoslavian Fingers Green - Squash

Yugoslavian Fingers Green - Squash SQ305

95 days. A dark green variation of Yugoslavian finger fruit squash. This... Read More

Yuxijiangbinggua Winter Squash SQ308

This amazing flat squash from China is causing quite a stir. The fruits... Read More
Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper

Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper HPP192

Habanero flavor without all the heat! Mildly spicy, bullet-shaped fruits... Read More
Zolotoy Byk Tomato

Zolotoy Byk Tomato TO128

Indeterminate. The name means 'Golden Bull' in Russian. Originally from... Read More
Zucca Gourd

Zucca Gourd GD137

You can’t miss this gourd growing in your garden, with an average weight... Read More
Zucca Mantovana - Squash

Zucca Mantovana - Squash SQ277

Here's an exceedingly rare local heirloom from Mantua, Italy. Elegant concolor... Read More
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