(Abelmoschus esculentus) This African native and staple of the Deep South really thrives on heat! Slaves from Angola called okra “ngumbo” which became gumbo, a popular name for several okra dishes to this day. Soaking okra seed overnight prior to planting seems to speed germination. Most heirloom okra varieties are large plants; allow plenty of space.

Abigail's Coffee Okra

Abigail's Coffee Okra

Joe came upon Abigail, an enterprising gourd grower and master gardener... Read More

Alabama Red Okra

A delicious heirloom from Alabama, this variety has fat, red pods that... Read More
Bowling Red

Bowling Red Okra

Lovely plants that grow 7-8 feet tall and have deep red stems; the great... Read More
Burgundy okra

Burgundy Okra

55 days. Pods and stems are a beautiful, deep-red. Very tender and delicious.... Read More
Burmese okra web

Burmese Okra

We are proud to offer this heirloom variety from Burma (Myanmar). Large... Read More
Clemson Spineless

Clemson Spineless Okra

60 days. Plant is spineless; tasty green pods are best picked small. Read More
eagle pass okra

Eagle Pass Okra

From the area around Carrizo Springs and Eagle Pass, Texas. Productive... Read More
okra edna slatons

Edna Slaton's Candelabra Okra

NEW - Graceful, branching plants, reaching shoulder height, give great... Read More
Emerald okra

Emerald Okra

58 days. A Campbell Soup Co. variety from 1950; early, round, smooth, deep-green... Read More
fife creek cow horn okra

Fife Creek Cowhorn Okra

An heirloom that has been in the Fife family since around 1900 and believed... Read More
Gold Coast Okra

Gold Coast Okra

NEW - Spineless pods are light green and often reach 6" in length while... Read More
grandma edna

Grandma Edna's Cherokee Long Pod Okra

65 days. This okra has been in Melba Beasley’s family for seven generations.... Read More
Harlows homestead okra

Harlow's Homestead Okra

Our grower received this okra from a man named Mercer, who had received... Read More
Jimmy T okra

Jimmy T Okra

The plants are of medium height, having pods 8-12 inches long, and two... Read More
Jing Orange okra web

Jing Orange Okra

60 days Lovely pods are a deep reddish orange and are quite colorful. This... Read More

Louisiana 16 Inch Long Pod Okra

Large, branching plants produce huge yields of truly giant pods, up to... Read More
Milsap white okra

Milsap White Okra

Seed for this variety was sent to us by Will Sawyer, who received the seed... Read More
Perkins long

Perkin's Long Pod Okra

Very green, extra large pods are tender and delicious, the perfect okra... Read More
Philipinne Lady Finger

Philippine Lady Finger Okra

Tall plants can grow 10 feet tall and produce extra-long, smooth, round... Read More
Pink Okra

Pink "Okra"

Pink Okra (Abelmoschus moschatus) Here is something different and charming!... Read More
Red Velvet Okra

Red Velvet Okra

70 days. Stems and pods are a deep, rich burgundy to scarlet. Pretty enough... Read More
Roberie Okra

Roberie Okra

This okra has been grown for 100 years by the Roberie family in St Landry... Read More
No Photo JPG

Silver Queen Okra

65 days. Pale green to nearly white cowhorn pods are unusual and striking—the... Read More
Star of David okra

Star of David Okra

70 days. Israeli variety. Short, very thick pods are quite delicious. The... Read More
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