(Allium cepa) Generally speaking, long-day onions tend to do best in the North and short-day types tend to do best in the South. Growing onions from seed is often the only way to get varieties really suited to your location. Heirloom onion seeds are usually started indoors in late winter for transplanting outside a month or so before the last frost of spring.

Alisa Craig Onion web

Ailsa Craig Onion

Long day type—Very well-known globe-shaped heirloom onion that reaches... Read More
Australian brown onion

Australian Brown Onion

Introduced in 1897 by W. Atlee Burpee. This variety produces extra fine... Read More
bianca di maggio onion

Bianca di Maggio Onion

80-110 days (long-day) Flat, Italian "cipollini" variety. These delicious,... Read More
Bronze d amposta onion crop

Bronze D' Amposta Onion

Attractive reddish-bronze onions are good-sized and sweet; an intermediate... Read More
Brunswick onion

Brunswick Onion

Long-day type—First offered in 1870, Brunswick is a deep red-to-purple... Read More
crimson forest onion

Crimson Forest Bunch Onion

(Allium fistulosum) Beautiful brilliant red stalks, flavorful and tasty.... Read More
Flat of italy onion

Flat of Italy Onion

Beautiful, red "cipollini" type, flat gourmet onions from Italy> They are... Read More
Golden Princess

Gold Princess Onion

NEW - A medium-sized, light yellow, flattened "cipollini"-type onion that... Read More
he shi ko onion

He Shi Ko Bunching Onion

(Allium fistulosum) An heirloom Japanese, perennial bunching onion; talks... Read More
Ishikura onion

Ishikura Onion

(Allium fistulosum) Popular and traditional Japanese variety for sukiyaki,... Read More
Jaune Paille Onion

Jaune Paille Des Vertus Onion

Introduced about 1793, this old onion is now hard to find. It is also called... Read More
Noord Hollandse onion

Noordhollandse Bloedrode Onion

(Dutch Red) Long-day type—The name translates as North Holland Blood Red,... Read More
Red Creole Onion web

Red Creole Onion

This short day onion is great for the South and is a good keeper. Hard,... Read More
Red of Florence

Red of Florence Onion

(Long-day) Oblong shaped, bright red onions; great for planting spring... Read More
Southport Red Globe Onion

Southport Red Globe Onion

Long day, 120 days. First released in 1873, and still one of the best.... Read More
white globe onion

Southport White Globe Onion

AKA "Silver Ball" and "White Rocca." A long day onion for the Northern... Read More
Stuttgarter Onion

Stuttgarter Onion

A tasty old favorite that sets medium-large, yellow onions with a good,... Read More
Tokyo Long White Onion

Tokyo Long White Bunch Onion

(Allium fistulosum) An old favorite Japanese bunching type, looks like... Read More
Tropeana onion

Tropeana Lunga Onion

Long, tall bulbs are unique and popular with Mediterranean chefs. Harvest... Read More
Violet de galmi

Violet De Galmi Onion

The Galmi onion comes from the village of Galmi, a small community in the... Read More
wethersfield red onion

Wethersfield Red Onion

This onion is legendary in Conneticut's "most ancient town" and traces... Read More

Yellow Flat Dutch Onion

An onion by this name was offered in 1888 by RH Allen seed company, who... Read More
Yellow of parma

Yellow of Parma Onion

(Long-day) Large, golden onions are oblong-globe shaped. This late onion... Read More
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