(Pisum sativum) Whether grown for green peas, or for edible pods, garden peas are all grown the same way. They should be planted in earliest spring or even in late winter, as soon as soil can be worked. They require a very mellow soil, as the roots are shallow and not especially vigorous. Plant about 1” deep. Most types require support—a trellis, fence, etc. (Bush types are really short vines, and will support each other when planted fairly close together.) The trick is to get them going early enough to take a crop before late spring weather turns really warm, as heat shuts the plants down. Pick edible podded types frequently, as they are best before the pods become tough.

Pea art

Alaska Garden Pea

50-60 days. Very early; great for short season areas; good yields of delicious... Read More
Blue Podded Pea

Blue Podded Blauwschokkers Garden Pea

A beautiful and ornamental pea that produces lovely purple-blue pods that... Read More
Carouby de Maussane Pea

Carouby De Maussane Snow Pea

NEW - 65 days--This time-honored variety produces some of the largest pods... Read More
Peas art

Cascadia Peas

65 days. A snap pea with unusually thick-walled pods. Pods are at their... Read More
Corne de Belier pea web

Corne De Belier Snow Pea

A delicious French snow pea that pre-dates 1860! Wonderful, gourmet flavored,... Read More
De Grace

De Grace Snow Pea

A lovely dwarf variety that was grown in America before 1836, and likely... Read More
Desiree Pea

Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers Garden Pea

Stunning violet-blue pods are produced on lovely little bush plants that... Read More
Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea

60 days. The pods are plump, fleshy and very tender when harvested young.... Read More
Golden Sweet Snow Pea

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

More than a novelty, this variety produces flat pods that are a beautiful,... Read More
Pea illustration art web

Improved Maestro Garden `Pea

60 days. Heavy crops of 4-to 5-inch pods are produced on plants that seldom... Read More
Laxton's Pea

Laxton's Progress No. 9 Garden Pea

A popular heirloom pea for home gardeners. Large pods are produced on hardy,... Read More
Lincoln pea

Lincoln Garden Pea

An old-time pea introduced in 1908. High-yielding and tasty, this pea does... Read More
Little Marvel pea

Little Marvel Garden Pea

60 days. Vigorous bush plants, heavy yields and fine-flavored peas. A great... Read More

Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Peas

70 days. Large, sweet-flavored pods; 4' tall plants. Needs cool weather... Read More
Oregon Sugar pod 2 pea

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea

Large, thick, 4-5" pods are superbly tender and delicious. This is my favorite... Read More
Sugar Ann Snap Pea

Sugar Ann Snap Pea

An early, edible-pod pea ideal for small gardens. Its short, bushy vines... Read More
Sugar Snap Pea

Sugar Snap Pea

This is the wonderfully sweet, edible-pod pea so popular with consumers... Read More
Tall telephone

Tall Telephone Garden Pea

Long vines reach up to 6 feet with support, and large pods yield 8-10 peas... Read More
Wando pea

Wando Garden Pea

This pea was introduced in 1943 and is a great pea for the South, being... Read More
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