Hot Pepper


(Capsicum annuum, C. baccatum, C. frutescens, C. pubescens) Native to the Americas, peppers come in thousands of varieties, many unusual flavors, and all shapes and sizes. We offer a stunning selection of types of hot pepper seeds. Heirloom peppers are usually more flavorful than the modern type peppers, and most give huge yields. They are one of the easiest crops to grow, and are not much bothered by pests. Heirloom pepper seeds are usually started indoors two months before the last frost date of spring for eventual transplanting outdoors.

Anaheim Pepper

Anaheim Pepper HPP103

80 days. Delicious mildly hot flavor, excellent for roasting or frying;... Read More
Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper HPP171

100-120 days from transplant—Also known as Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich. Legendary... Read More
Black hungarian

Black Hungarian Pepper HPP101

75 days. Unique, black-colored fruit that are the shape of a Jalapeno.... Read More
Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper HPP203

Unique, star-shaped fruits are of variable heat, sometimes exceeding that... Read More
Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper

Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper HPP133

For those who like it hot! These can be twice as spicy as the common orange... Read More
Cayenne long thin jason hand

Cayenne Long Thin Pepper HPP117

Slender, long peppers turn bright-red and are very hot. The 2-feet tall... Read More
Chile Caballo Hot Pepper

Chile Caballo Hot Pepper HPP214

Also called Chile Manzano in Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia; we got this particular... Read More
Chimayo Pepper

Chimayo Pepper HPP190

Legendary, thin-walled drying type from northern New Mexico. Uniquely complex... Read More
Chinese Five Color

Chinese 5 Color Pepper HPP121

Screaming hot little peppers turn a rainbow of vibrant colors; from purple,... Read More
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper HPP195

Same malevolent shape and form as Bhut Jolokia, and the heat level is comparably... Read More
Chocolate habanero

Chocolate Habanero Pepper HPP136

So beautiful. The chocolate-brown, lantern shaped fruit are about 2 inches... Read More
Corne de Chevre

Corne De Chevre Pepper HPP142

This "Goat's Horn" hot pepper is from Basque people of Spain, who grow... Read More
Craig's Grande Jalapeno

Craig's Grande Jalapeno Pepper HPP150

A big, fat jalapeno that is perfect for making lots of salsa. Perfect for... Read More
Datil Pepper

Datil Pepper HPP191

(Capsicum chinense) 100 days. Blazing hot, blunt little 3.5-inch fruits... Read More
Estaceno Chile Pepper

Estaceno Chile Pepper HPP194

80 days—A genuine Northern New Mexico chili, a family heirloom of our grower,... Read More
Ethiopian Brown

Ethiopian Brown Pepper HPP176

90 days- Sturdy plants reach three feet or more. Yields lots of peppers... Read More
Filius Blue Pepper

Filius Blue Pepper HPP143

A wonderful, ornamental pepper. These compact plants have a wonderful bluish... Read More
Fish Pepper

Fish Pepper HPP122

80 days. An African-American heirloom popular in the Philadelphia/Baltimore... Read More
Goat Horn Pepper

Goat Horn Hot Pepper HPP139

This variety is great! Grows well in containers, and produces lots of extra-hot,... Read More
Golden Cayenne

Golden Cayenne Pepper HPP183

70 days. Typical long, slightly twisting cayenne type fruits, sometimes... Read More
Grandpas home hot pepper

Grandpa's Home Hot Pepper HPP175

Brilliant red 2 inch peppers are borne upright on tidy plants. The medium... Read More
Hinkelhatz Pepper

Hinkelhatz Pepper HPP198

85 days--Small, hot peppers are shaped like a chicken's heart, which is... Read More
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper HPP125

70 days. A Hungarian heirloom that is excellent for short season areas,... Read More
Korean dark green

Korean Dark Green Pepper HPP160

An heirloom from Korea, 2-feet tall plants have dark green foliage and... Read More
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