Sweet Pepper


(Capsicum annuum) Native to the Americas, peppers come in thousands of varieties, many unusual flavors, and all shapes and sizes. Heirloom peppers are often more flavorful than the modern-types, and most give huge yields. They are one of the easiest crops to grow, and are not much bothered by pests. All types of peppers are frost-tender, and are usually started indoors several weeks before the last frost date, although they may be direct-seeded in gardens in long-season climates. Set transplants out after warm weather has really settled. Peppers prefer rich and moist soil and full sun, although they will tolerate some shade, and some, especially C. frutescens, actually prefer a break from hot summer sun. Most types can be used green or ripe, and hot types tend to become more pungent when fully ripened in hotter conditions.

Albino Bullnose Pepper

Albino Bullnose Pepper PP105

Beautiful, blocky 3-4 inch peppers are a lovely cream color. They have... Read More
Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper PP183

We're thrilled to offer this classic, sweet wax pepper that has been grown... Read More
Bulgarian Ratund Pepper

Bulgarian Ratund Pepper PP159

Slightly wrinkled, sheep-nose type pepper, on plants reaching to about... Read More
Bullnose Pepper

Bullnose Pepper PP124

75 days. The original Bull Nose pepper was popular in early America and... Read More
California Wonder

California Wonder Pepper PP106

70 days. An excellent green bell pepper of nice size and very good yield;... Read More
Canary Bell Pepper

Canary Bell Pepper PP191

70 days. Superior sweet pepper, medium-sized, thick-walled green fruits... Read More
Chocolate Beauty Pepper

Chocolate Beauty Pepper PP172

70 days. Blocky, medium to large, green, 3-4 lobed fruits ripen to a rich... Read More
Coban Red Pimiento Pepper

Coban Red Pimiento Pepper PP136

This local favorite was collected by us at a market in the beautiful mountain... Read More
Corbaci Pepper

Corbaci Pepper PP157

Unique and wonderful sweet pepper. Very long 10-inch fruit are curved and... Read More
Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper

Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper PP112

The traditional favorite in Italy. Long 8-inch tapered, bull-horn shaped... Read More
Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper

Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper PP113

Long 8-inch tapered, bull-horn shaped, red peppers are sweet and spicy.... Read More
Criolla de Cocina

Criolla De Cocina Pepper PP168

I first received seed for this great pepper 15 years ago, so I am so excited... Read More
Doux D'Espagne or Spanish Mammoth Pepper

Doux D'Espagne or Spanish Mammoth Pepper PP138

This variety was introduced before 1860. In the 1880's, this pepper was... Read More
Emerald Giant Pepper

Emerald Giant Pepper PP109

78 days. Large, blocky bells have thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruit turn... Read More
Etuida Pepper

Etiuda Pepper PP175

75 days--Blocky, thick-walled orange fruits are crisp, very sweet and juicy.... Read More
Friarello Pepper di Napoli

Friariello Di Napoli Pepper PP163

This is the famous frying pepper of Naples, Italy. This heirloom produces... Read More

Gambo Pepper PP141

80 days. A thick-fleshed pepper that holds up well to cooking. Perfect... Read More
Georgescu Chocolate

Georgescu Chocolate Pepper PP158

A fine pepper of Romanian origin. Green fruits mature dark salmon-pink... Read More
Golden California Wonder

Golden Cal Wonder Pepper PP108

78 days. Colorful golden bells that are very sweet and tasty. Gold peppers... Read More
Golden Marconi Pepper

Golden Marconi Pepper PP127

80 days. A late Italian pepper with beautiful, big, yellow, 7-inch tapering... Read More
Horizon Bell Pepper

Horizon Bell Pepper PP187

73 days--Plants produce excellent yields of brilliant orange-yellow bell... Read More
Italian Pepperoncini

Italian Pepperoncini Pepper PP111

The popular little, thin, pickling pepper. 3-5-inch fruit have a superb... Read More
Jimmy Nordello Italian Pepper

Jimmy Nardello Italian Pepper PP143

This fine Italian pepper was grown each year by Giuseppe and Angella Nardiello,... Read More
Jupiter Pepper

Jupiter Pepper PP135

80 days. A large older commercial variety that is perfect for home and... Read More
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