(Raphanus sativus) Cabbage relatives that come originally from Asia. We sell a wide variety of heirloom radishes, including both small (salad type) and larger, winter storage types. Growing radishes is easy, and they may be planted in spring or fall, and in most locations, right through summer as well. Direct-sow radish seeds where they are to grow, as they do not transplant well, and be sure to make repeated plantings to have salad types all season long. Storage types are best sown in late summer.

Pink Summercicle

Pink Summercicle Radish

30 days. Lovely, carrot-shaped roots are in the most lovely shade of bubblegum... Read More
Bartender Radish

Bartender Radish

40 days. Hefty long tapering roots reach 9 inches long and 1 ΒΌ inches diameter.... Read More
Candela di Fuoco

Candela Di Fuoco Radish

35 days. (Candle of Fire) Similar to Long Scarlet and several historic... Read More

Misato Rose Radish

NEW - This variety produces 3-4 inch roots and is recommended for fall... Read More

Miyashige Daikon Radish

A delicious white Daikon type radish from Japan. Long white roots grow... Read More
National 2 Radish

National 2 Radish

Quarter-sized, round red roots have a nice white tip. A popular type at... Read More
Saxa 2 Radish web

Saxa 2 Radish

Popular European radish that matures in just 3 weeks; wow, they are quick!... Read More
Violet ge gournay radish

Violet De Gournay Radish

This French heirloom can grow 10 inches long and has deep violet-purple... Read More
Formoso Giant Luo Buo

Formosa Giant Luo Buo Radish

90 days. An old favorite in Taiwan that used to be called Formosa. Big,... Read More
Rat's Tail radish

Rat's Tail Radish

The amazing edible-podded radish, this variety produces loads of tender,... Read More
Helios Radish

Helios Radish

So unique! This bright yellow, olive-shaped radish is truly one of the... Read More

Munchener Bier Radish

A famous German heirloom radish that is popular in much of northern Europe;... Read More
White Icicle web

White Icicle Radish

Slender, 6-inch, ice-white roots have crisp flesh and fine flavor; mild... Read More
Purple Plum Radish

Purple Plum Radish

28 days. Here is one lovely radish with bright purple skin. Truly one of... Read More
Chinese Green Loubo

Chinese Green Luobo Radish (Qingluobo)

A popular radish from north China; the tasty flesh is bright green. Very... Read More
Giant of Sicily

Giant of Sicily Radish

Large 2-inch round summer radishes are bright red in color. Tasty and good... Read More
German Giant Radish

German Giant Radish

Very large, round red radish that was collected in Germany. These keep... Read More
Chinese Red Meat

Chinese Red Meat Radish

The colorful "Beauty Heart" radish of historic China. The 4-inch round... Read More
Early Scarlet White Tip

Scarlet Turnip White Tip Radish (Sparkler)

Very handsome, round, bright scarlet color with a white tip. Sweet and... Read More
japanese minowase daikon

Japanese Minowase Daikon Radish

Popular old Japanese favorite; the giant white roots grow to 24 inches... Read More
Early Scarlet Globe

Early Scarlet Globe Radish

22 days. The classic, round red radish with crisp white flesh that is mild... Read More

Pink Beauty Radish

A beautiful round pink radish that has become hard to find. It is sweet... Read More
French Breakfast web

French Breakfast Radish

A pre-1885 French heirloom with mild spicy flavor. Red top and white bottom.... Read More
Long Scarlet Radish

Long Scarlet Radish

A pre-1870's heirloom, long and slender, bright red radish. It is fast... Read More
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