Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Alligator  Squash

Alligator Squash SQ280

110 days (C. moschata) Fruits are tan, pear- to hourglass shape, and covered... Read More
Amazonka Squash

Amazonka Squash SQ296

(C. maxima) 85 days—2-3 pound fruits ripen deep orange.... Read More

Ambar Squash

Ambar Squash SQ297

(C. maxima) 90 days—Compact, semi-bush plants yield deep... Read More

web americana tonda

Americana Tonda Squash SQ144

(C. pepo) A beautiful, ornamental pumpkin that has orange skin with green... Read More

Arka Surymukhi Squash JS236

This special variety originated in Southern India near Bangalore. It is... Read More
Atlantic Giant

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin SQ179

110-125 days (C. maxima) Lovely, giant, pink-orange pumpkins can weigh... Read More
Australian Butter

Australian Butter Squash SQ162

90-100 days (C. maxima) A large, gorgeous peach-colored squash from 'down... Read More
Baby Blue Hubbard web

Baby Blue Hubbard Squash SQ183

90-100 days (C. Maxima) A lovely little squash that was developed in 1953... Read More
Baby Green Hubbard web

Baby Green Hubbard Squash SQ199

(C. maxima) The 7" green fruit look like miniature Hubbard squash, yet... Read More
Berretina Piacentina di Mantova

Berretina Piacentina di Mantova Squash JS217

This massive winter squash is a favorite traditional variety grown... Read More

Big Max

Big Max Pumpkin SQ123

110 days. (C. maxima) Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs! Nearly... Read More
black futsu

Black Futsu Squash SQ106

(C. moschata) Rare, black Japanese squash; the fruit is flattened, round... Read More
Blue Hokkaido or Blue Kuri Squash

Blue Hokkaido Squash SQ290

95-110 days—(also known as Blue Hokkaido) A lovely little Kabocha type... Read More
Blue Hubbard

Blue Hubbard Squash SQ180

110 days (C. maxima) Huge, teardrop-shaped fruit weigh 15-40 lbs and have... Read More
Boston Marrow

Boston Marrow Squash SQ221

(C. maxima) Lovely 15-lb fruit are hubbard-shaped and a brilliant red-orange... Read More
Buen Gusto

Buen Gusto de Horno Squash SQ278

115 days. (C. maxima) Here’s a gorgeous and superbly flavorsome little... Read More
Bush Buttercup Squash

Bush Buttercup Squash SQ168

95 days (C. maxima) Like standard Buttercup squash, with sweet, dry, orange... Read More
Buttercup Squash

Buttercup Squash SQ110

95 days. (C. maxima) Very sweet, dry flesh of excellent quality. Deep orange... Read More
Butternut Waltham

Butternut-Waltham Squash SQ112

100 days. (C. moschata) An old favorite. Good yields with excellent-tasting,... Read More
Bylinka Squash

Bylinka Squash SQ279

100 days. (C. maxima) A superb example of open-pollinated breeding in the... Read More
canada crookneck squash

Canada Crookneck Squash SQ266

New! (C. moschata) 110 days. Old New England variety, preserved at Old... Read More
Candy Roaster - North Georgia

Candy Roaster - North Georgia Squash SQ240

(C. maxima) Here is a smaller strain of Candy Roaster from northern Georgia.... Read More
Chicago Warted Hubbard

Chicago Warted Hubbard Squash SQ127

110 days (C. maxima) This heirloom was developed by Budlong Gardens of... Read More
Chihuahua Landrace Squash

Chihuahua Landrace Squash SQ211

(C. mixta) 110 days. We collected this squash from a roadside stand in... Read More
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