Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Red Kuri Squash

Red Kuri Squash (Hokkaido) SQ101

92 days. (C. maxima) A red-orange Japanese winter squash; fruit are 5-10... Read More
Vegetable Spaghetti Squash

Vegetable Spaghetti Squash SQ102

88 days. (C. pepo) This is the popular squash with stringy flesh that is... Read More
Japanese Pie Squash

Japanese Pie Squash SQ103

(C. mixta) An heirloom variety from the Land of the Rising Sun. Beautiful,... Read More
Kikuza squash

Kikuza Squash SQ104

(C. moschata) This Japanese heirloom is a good producer of small, tan colored... Read More
Shishigatani or Toonas Makino Squash

Shishigatani or Toonas Makino Pumpkin SQ105

(C. moschata) The unique Japanese pumpkin that was developed in the Bunka... Read More
black futsu

Black Futsu Squash SQ106

(C. moschata) Rare, black Japanese squash; the fruit is flattened, round... Read More
Yokohama Squash

Yokohama Squash SQ108

(C. moschata) Introduced to America about 1860 by James Hogg of Yorkville,... Read More
Buttercup Squash

Buttercup Squash SQ110

95 days. (C. maxima) Very sweet, dry flesh of excellent quality. Deep orange... Read More
Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash SQ111

100 days. (C. pepo) High sugar content, fruit are 1-3 lbs. each and skin... Read More
Butternut Waltham

Butternut-Waltham Squash SQ112

100 days. (C. moschata) An old favorite. Good yields with excellent-tasting,... Read More
Sweet Meat Squash web

Sweet Meat Squash SQ113

95 days (C. maxima) A delicious heirloom from Oregon; excellent flavored... Read More
Golden Delicious Squash

Golden Delicious Squash SQ114

100 days (C. maxima). Lives up to the name; these squash are delicious!... Read More
White Cushaw squash

Cushaw White (Jonathan Pumpkin) SQ116

100 days (C. mixta) A rare Cushaw type; white skin and sweet, pale orange... Read More
Turkks Cap or Turban

Turks Cap or Turban Squash SQ117

90 days. (C. maxima) A beautiful squash striped in red, orange, green and... Read More
Rouge Vif d' estampes

Rouge Vif D' Etampes Pumpkin SQ118

95 days. (C. maxima) Most beautiful flattened and ribbed large fruit are... Read More
Jarrahdale Squash

Jarrahdale Pumpkin SQ119

100 days. (C. maxima) Slate, blue-grey, 6-10 lb. pumpkins of superb quality.... Read More
True Green Hubbard

Hubbard True Green Improved Squash SQ120

105 days. (C. maxima) The original Green Hubbard was introduced around... Read More
Jaune Gros de paris

Jaune Gros De Paris Pumpkin SQ122

100 days (C. maxima) The beautiful giant pumpkin of historic Paris, the... Read More
Big Max

Big Max Pumpkin SQ123

110 days. (C. maxima) Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs! Nearly... Read More
Orange Cushaw

Orange Cushaw Squash SQ124

(C. mixta) Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks, light golden orange... Read More
Table Queen Acorn Squash

Table Queen Acorn Squash SQ126

80 days (C. pepo) Dark green Acorn type fruit. Iowa Seed Co. introduced... Read More
Chicago Warted Hubbard

Chicago Warted Hubbard Squash SQ127

110 days (C. maxima) This heirloom was developed by Budlong Gardens of... Read More
Long Island Cheese

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin SQ128

105 days. (C. moschata) A longtime favorite on Long Island; very popular... Read More
Connecticut Field Pumpkin Sasha

Connecticut Field Pumpkin SQ129

100 days. (C. pepo) The heirloom pumpkin of the New England settlers and... Read More
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