Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Scheherazade Squash

Scheherazade Squash SQ303

(C. pepo) 85 days. Beautiful, warted, orange and green striped... Read More

Moranga Squash

Moranga Squash SQ505

(C. maxima) 95 days. We are so excited to at last have seeds... Read More

Miranda Squash

Miranda Squash SQ301

(C. pepo) 105 days—Polish hull-less seeded variety. Plants... Read More

Makaronowa Warszawska Squash

Makaronowa Warszawska Squash SQ300

(C. pepo) 100 days. New spaghetti squash sort from Poland.... Read More

Golias Squash

Golias Squash SQ299

(C. maxima) 120 days. Very large, brilliant orange fruits... Read More

Fungo Squash

Fungo Squash SQ298

(C. pepo) 110 days. Smallish fruits are more-or-less turban... Read More

Blue Hokkaido or Blue Kuri Squash

Blue Hokkaido Squash SQ290

95-110 days—(also known as Blue Hokkaido) A lovely little Kabocha type... Read More
Ambar Squash

Ambar Squash SQ297

(C. maxima) 90 days—Compact, semi-bush plants yield deep... Read More

Amazonka Squash

Amazonka Squash SQ296

(C. maxima) 85 days—2-3 pound fruits ripen deep orange.... Read More

Kakai Squash

Kakai Squash SQ285

100 days—Kakai's completely hull-less seeds are superb for roasting! Slightly... Read More
santa fe banana1

Santa Fe Banana, Cucurbita moschata JS215

This huge a strange landrace was discovered in Santa Fe, Panama. Being... Read More

Arka Surymukhi Squash JS236

This special variety originated in Southern India near Bangalore. It is... Read More
Corazon de Panama Squash

Corazon de Panama JS204

South America and Central America are centers of Biodiversity for some... Read More
Berretina Piacentina di Mantova

Berretina Piacentina di Mantova Squash JS217

This massive winter squash is a favorite traditional variety grown... Read More

Zapallo de Tula

Zapallo de Tula Squash JS193

In the province of Herrera in Panama this variety of squash is commonly... Read More
San Jose Mountain Club Squash

San Jose Mountain Club Squash JS161

(Cucurbita moschata) Central America is the origin and home... Read More


Hilo Laotian Squash JS122

Cucurbita moschata. “ Hilo Laotian” This seems to be a unique landrace... Read More

Honey Boat Delicata

Honey Boat Delicata Squash SQ159

One of the sweetest squash varieties in existence. Oblong, Delicata-shaped... Read More
Dill's Show King squash

Show King Squash SQ283

(C. maxima) 180 days. Outrageously huge blueish-cream pumpkins—fruits have... Read More
Palav Kadu

Palav Kadu Squash SQ270

(C. moschata) 125 days. Very old central Asian variety, almost unknown... Read More
Omaha Pumpkin

Omaha Pumpkin SQ255

(C. pepo) 80 days. Another Oscar Will Seed Company introduction, dating... Read More
Olive Verte Squash

Olive Verte Squash SQ193

(C. maxima) 110 days. This attractive old heirloom is almost extinct; the... Read More
 Miller Family Crookneck Squash

Miller Family Crookneck Squash SQ275

100 days (C. mixta) A pale green-striped cushaw type originating with one... Read More
Mexican X-Top Squash

Mexican X-Top Squash SQ212

(C. mixta) 100 days. A round, bowl-shaped Cushaw type with attractive green... Read More
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