Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Orange Cushaw

Orange Cushaw Squash SQ124

(C. mixta) Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks, light golden orange... Read More
Ute Indian Squash

Ute Indian Squash SQ269

(C. maxima) 100 days. Here's a different look in a turban squash: a sophisticated... Read More
santa fe banana1

Santa Fe Banana, Cucurbita moschata JS215

This huge a strange landrace was discovered in Santa Fe, Panama. Being... Read More
Amazonka Squash

Amazonka Squash SQ296

(C. maxima) 85 days—2-3 pound fruits ripen deep orange.... Read More

Ambar Squash

Ambar Squash SQ297

(C. maxima) 90 days—Compact, semi-bush plants yield deep... Read More

Golias Squash

Golias Squash SQ299

(C. maxima) 120 days. Very large, brilliant orange fruits... Read More

Makaronowa Warszawska Squash

Makaronowa Warszawska Squash SQ300

(C. pepo) 100 days. New spaghetti squash sort from Poland.... Read More

Miranda Squash

Miranda Squash SQ301

(C. pepo) 105 days—Polish hull-less seeded variety. Plants... Read More

Bylinka Squash

Bylinka Squash SQ279

100 days. (C. maxima) A superb example of open-pollinated breeding in the... Read More
Guicoy Squash

Guicoy Squash SQ276

(C. pepo) 100 days. These squat little fruits are amazing! Gorgeously ribbed... Read More
Berretina Piacentina di Mantova

Berretina Piacentina di Mantova Squash JS217

This massive winter squash is a favorite traditional variety grown... Read More

Fungo Squash

Fungo Squash SQ298

(C. pepo) 110 days. Smallish fruits are more-or-less turban... Read More

Scheherazade Squash

Scheherazade Squash SQ303

(C. pepo) 85 days. Beautiful, warted, orange and green striped... Read More

Corazon de Panama Squash

Corazon de Panama JS204

South America and Central America are centers of Biodiversity for some... Read More
Kakai Squash

Kakai Squash SQ285

100 days—Kakai's completely hull-less seeds are superb for roasting! Slightly... Read More
North Faulkland Island squash

North Faulkland Island Squash SQ147

(C. moschata) Unique, pear-shaped fruit are mostly white, some with greenish... Read More
Sibley Squash

Sibley or Pikes Peak Squash SQ150

110 days (C. maxima) Oblong, teardrop-shaped, slate-blue colored fruit... Read More
 Miller Family Crookneck Squash

Miller Family Crookneck Squash SQ275

100 days (C. mixta) A pale green-striped cushaw type originating with one... Read More
Pacheco Pumpkin

Pacheco Pumpkin SQ231

(C. pepo) A pumpkin that has a beautiful yellow rind and is filled with... Read More
Hindu Squash

Hindu Squash SQ260

New! (C. mixta) A large pear-shaped squash, white with green stripes. The... Read More
Noob Taub

Noob Taub Squash SQ246

(C. moschata)100-110 days-- 6-8 lb spotted fruits start out grey-green,... Read More
UConn Squash

UConn Squash SQ273

C. pepo) 80 days. Very early bush-habit winter squash variety. Green, acorntype... Read More
Moranga Squash

Moranga Squash SQ505

(C. maxima) 95 days. We are so excited to at last have seeds... Read More

Crown Squash

Crown Squash SQ189

95 days (C. maxima) Our friend, Mac Condill, found this great squash in... Read More
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