Squash Winter

Winter Squash

Harvest in autumn when skins are too tough to be easily punctured with a thumbnail.

Ute Indian Squash

Ute Indian Squash SQ269

(C. maxima) 100 days. Here's a different look in a turban squash: a sophisticated... Read More
Bylinka Squash

Bylinka Squash SQ279

(C. maxima) 100 days A superb example of open-pollinated breeding in... Read More
Corazon de Chiriqui

Corazon de Chiriqui Squash JS219

This amazingly beautiful squash was found by Joe's brother Patrick... Read More

Quaker Pie Pumpkin

Quaker Pie Pumpkin WW114

(Cucurbita moschata) The Quaker Pie Pumpkin was developed among the Quakers... Read More
 Miller Family Crookneck Squash

Miller Family Crookneck Squash SQ275

(C. mixta) 100 days A pale green-striped cushaw type originating with... Read More
Dill's Show King squash

Show King Squash SQ283

(C. maxima) 180 days. Outrageously huge blueish-cream pumpkinsā€”fruits have... Read More
Black Green Hopi squash

Hopi Black Green Squash SQ242

(C. mixta) 105-110 days. Here is a unique and colorful native Hopi Indian... Read More
Mrs Aquillard's Cushaw

Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw Squash SQ261

(C.mixta) 105 days Mrs. Aquillard grew and sold these squashes in Chainainger,... Read More
Hidatsa squash

Hidatsa Squash SQ274

(C. maxima) 100 days. The very thick, deep orange flesh is richly flavored.... Read More

Hilo Laotian Squash JS122

(C. moschata) Hilo Laotian seems to be a unique landrace that may... Read More

Orange Cushaw

Orange Cushaw Squash SQ124

(C. mixta) 110 days Large, beautiful fruit with crooked necks, light... Read More
San Jose Mountain Club Squash

San Jose Mountain Club Squash JS161

(C. moschata) 150 days Central America is the origin and... Read More

Hindu Squash

Hindu Squash SQ260

(C. mixta) 110 days A large pear-shaped squash, white with green stripes.... Read More
Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash SQ220

(C. mixta) Very popular in seed catalogs from the 19th and early 20th centuries;... Read More
Knife River Squash

Knife River Squash SQ253

(C. maxima) 95 days Lots of interesting diversity in this landrace-type... Read More
 Geraumon Martinique Squash

Geraumon Martinique Squash SQ248

(C. moschata) 110 days Apparently from the Caribbean island of Martinique,... Read More
Crown Squash

Crown Squash SQ189

(C. maxima) 95 days Our friend, Mac Condill, found this great squash in... Read More
North Faulkland Island squash

North Faulkland Island Squash SQ147

(C. mixta) 110 days Unique, pear-shaped fruit are mostly white, some with... Read More
Noob Taub

Noob Taub Squash SQ246

(C. moschata)100-110 days-- 6-8 lb spotted fruits start out grey-green,... Read More
Hopi Cushaw Squash

Hopi Cushaw Squash SQ213

(C. mixta) 105-110 days. Stunning pear-shaped fruit are beautifully splashed... Read More
Palav Kadu

Palav Kadu Squash SQ270

(C. moschata) 125 days. Very old central Asian variety, almost unknown... Read More
Pacheco Pumpkin

Pacheco Pumpkin SQ231

(C. pepo) 110 days A pumpkin that has a beautiful yellow rind and is filled... Read More
Silver Edge Squash

Silver Edge Squash SQ222

(C. mixta) 110 days Grown for its beautiful, delicious seeds that are... Read More
Pipian From Tuxpan Squash

Pipian From Tuxpan Squash SQ227

(C. mixta) 110 days A lovely 6-lb round squash that has fine white and... Read More
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