Wild or alpine strawberries are native to Europe and have been appreciated since the Stone Age. The fruits are small compared to modern cultivated types, but the intense flavor tends to be very rich, and they are super sweet. Germination of the tiny seeds is actually easy in proper conditions. Growth may start out slow, as the seeds are so tiny, but the plants are very hardy. A harvest may be had the first year from an extra-early indoor sowing. Though they seldom make runners, your wild strawberries may be multiplied easily by dividing the plants in fall or spring. They also are ever-bearing, yielding throughout the season. The berries are very high in vitamin C and other antioxidants, and they taste so good! Alexandria Strawberry--Deep scarlet, egg-shaped fruits weigh two to three grams each. Everbearer that yields the first season from an early planting. A very productive alpine sort, sweet and flavorful.

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Alexandra Strawberry

Alexandria Alpine Strawberry GR221

(Fragaria vesca) Deep scarlet, egg-shaped fruits weigh two to three grams... Read More
Attila Strawberry

Attila Strawberry GR220

(Fragaria vesca) It’s an alpine strawberry that makes runners! Ever-bearing... Read More
Baron Sole Macher

Baron Von Solemacher Strawberry GR222

Antique German variety yields dainty clusters of berries that are very... Read More

Regina Alpine Strawberry GR223

Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored. Fruits are wide-shouldered... Read More
ONS Strawberry

Strawberry, Old North Sea (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL133

This is a cold hardy old variety from Denmark; it was found growing in... Read More
Scarlet Strawberry

Strawberry, Scarlet (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL132

This ancient of strawberry was popular in colonial America as well as... Read More
Tresca Strawberry

Tresca Garden Strawberry GR106

You will be pleasantly surprised to see these sweet little gems ripening... Read More

White Soul Alpine Strawberry GR129

(Fregaria vesca) An improved form of species Alpine Strawberry, White Soul... Read More

Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry GR122

This creamy yellow-fruited variety is a favorite of many in Europe. The... Read More
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