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Abigail's Coffee Okra

Abigail's Coffee Okra JS212

Joe came upon Abigail, an enterprising gourd grower and master gardener... Read More

Balangu Lallemantia Royleana - Mountain Balm JS311

Mountain Balm, Balangu, (Lallemantia royleana) This is a very interesting... Read More
Cicoria Spadona da Taglio

Cicoria Spadona da Taglio JS224

Commonly called “Sword” Chicory, this variety from Italy has long spear-like... Read More

Danshree Guvar Bean JS253

Guvar Beans are very tasty, they are grown throughout India and are regularly... Read More
Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut from Ecuador - Arachis Hypogaea

Fastigiata Pin Striped Peanut from Ecuador - Arachis Hypogaea JS182

Our Botanical Explorer has done it again! Beautiful striped peanut offered... Read More
Golden Midget - Corn

Golden Midget - Corn JS278

As stated in the Gill Bros. Seed Co. 1951 "A miniature sweet corn that... Read More
Gutka- Bottle Gourd

Gutka- Bottle Gourd JS237

Bottle gourds are known by most people in North America as gourds that... Read More
Kajari Melon

Kajari Melon JS235

This is one of the melons that just about drove Joe crazy trying to secure.... Read More
Keli Kheli Melon

Keli Kheli Melon JS256

India is much smaller than the U.S., however it has three times the population... Read More
Komohana Grape Tomato

Komohana Grape Tomato JS115

(Solanum lycopersicon) This oblong Thompson grape shaped... Read More

K'uyu Chuspi Corn

K'uyu Chuspi Corn JS331


When the Botanical Explorers found this beautiful,...
Read More

Lulu- Solanum Quitoense JS202

The Lulu or Naranjillo is a very interesting sub-tropical/tropical member... Read More
Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon

Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon JS257

Rajasthan in Western India is a dry hot place full of mystery and also... Read More

Miniature Fig - Ficus Carica JS305

Miniature Iranian Fig, (Ficus carica) This wild Iranian fig is small in... Read More
Monachelle Bean # 2

Monachelle di Trevio Bean (Angelini Family Selection) JS190

(Pole) When Joe first learned about the Monachelle Bean from the... Read More

Morado Potolero Corn

Morado Potolero Corn JS145

Morado Potolero Mexican Corn, This amethyst colored corn is an old favorite... Read More
Naone Gialle Cabbage Turnip

Naone Gialle Cabbage Turnip JS186

The Giant Trentino Ancient cabbage Turnip is one of the marvels of the... Read More
Peruvian Chullpi Corn

Peruvian Chullpi Corn JS144

(Zea mays) Corn is one of the foundations of life in the... Read More


Raj S.P. Melon, (Cucumis melo) JS282

Raj S.P. Melon, (Cucumis melo) This variety from North Central India is... Read More
Rajama Indian Pink Bean

Rajama Indian Pink Bean JS131

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Beans are a big thing in India. The... Read More


Raseela Special - Cucumis Melo JS287

This is another variety of the Madhu Ras type sweet melons that are so... Read More
Red Ball Turnip

Red Ball Turnip JS230

In the Annals of American Vegetable Varieties, William Warner Tracy in... Read More
Sabina's Rainbow Pink Corn

Sabina's Rainbow Pink Corn JS324


Patrick Simcox found this breath-takingly...
Read More

Sujara Sponge Gourd JS234

The sponge gourd or luffa gourd is not at all well utilized in North America.... Read More
slippery silks

Tegucigalpa Slippery Silks Bean JS179

(Phaseolus vulgaris) This bean is reputed to be one of the... Read More

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