Orange Tomato


(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) This crop, native to the Americas, has become the most popular garden crop over the last 200 years. We offer an amazing selection of many of the finest old varieties in lots of delicious colors! A few heirloom varieties have plants that don't get quite so large. Called "determinate" varieties, these get to a certain size and then set all their fruit more or less at once. Determinates may be a better choice where tomatoes are grown in a very small garden, or in containers. All varieties are believed to be 'indeterminate' (long vines), unless specified 'determinate' (short vines). The best tasting varieties tend to be indeterminate, as most of ours are unless otherwise noted.

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Amana Orange Tomato

Amana Orange Tomato TO106

75-80 days. Big, 1-lb., glowing orange beefsteaks have an intense full... Read More
Barnes Mountain Yellow Tomato

Barnes Mountain Yellow Tomato TO115

85-90 days. 1-2 lb beefsteak type fruit. Meaty orange fruit are produced... Read More
Dad's Sunset Tomato

Dad's Sunset Tomato TO103

90 days. The perfect orange tomato! Large 10 oz. fruit are very smooth,... Read More
Djeena Lee's Golden

Djeena Lee's Golden Tomato TO125

76-80 days. Family heirloom that dates back to the Roaring Twenties. Medium-sized... Read More
Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato

Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato TO108

80 days. This heirloom was introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by... Read More

Giraffe Tomato

Giraffe Tomato TO123

75 days. Semi-determinate. Intriguing long-keeping variety from Russia.... Read More
Gold Rush Current Tomato

Gold Rush Currant Tomato TO132

Tiny currant tomatoes ripen a deep, rich golden orange. And so sweet! The... Read More
Golden Jubilee Tomato

Golden Jubilee Tomato TO105

70-80 days. A very popular orange variety; fine, sweet, mild flavor; good... Read More
Golden Sunray Tomato

Golden Sunray Tomato TO109

80 days. Uniform, golden-orange globes are so smooth and uniform they look... Read More
Harless Creek Gold Tomato

Harless Creek Gold Tomato TO133

75 days. Enormously heavy yielder of softball-sized, glowing golden fruits.... Read More
Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato

Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato TO101

A beautiful orange beefsteak preserved by our friend Darrell Kellogg, a... Read More
Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato

Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato TO118

80-90 days. An enormous, luminescent orange beefsteak from the "Bluegrass... Read More
Moonglow Tomato

Moonglow Tomato TO113

90 days. The perfect-looking golden-orange tomato: smooth, medium- sized... Read More
Orange Banana Tomato

Orange Banana Tomato TO104

80-85 days. Unique, orange, banana-shaped paste tomatoes that are bursting... Read More
Orange Icicle Tomato

Orange Icicle Tomato TO124

Sweet, rich and flavorful with strong citrus overtones made this Jere's... Read More
Orange Peach Tomato

Orange Peach Tomato TO131

75 days. A chance cross in the fields of our good friend James Weaver... Read More
Orange Strawberry Tomato

Orange Strawberry Tomato TO130

75 days. Brilliant orange, oxheart fruits have a pronounced point at the... Read More
Oxheart Orange Tomato

Oxheart Orange Tomato TO135

80 days. Gorgeous golden oxheart-shaped fruits. Sweet, flavorful oxhearts... Read More
Pike County Yellow Tomato

Pike County Yellow Tomato TO114

90 days. An heirloom from Pike County, Kentucky. Its tall vines produce... Read More
Sungold Select II

Sungold Select II Tomato TO121

This is a selection from the regular Sungold tomato, sent to us by Reinhard... Read More
Woodle Orange Tomato

Woodle Orange Tomato TO112

75 days. Large, round, smooth fruit are nearly perfect in shape, being... Read More
Yellow Brandywine Tomato

Yellow Brandywine Tomato TO102

90 days. Superbly rich and delicious-tasting large fruit, the golden variety... Read More
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