Pink Tomato


(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) This crop, native to the Americas, has become the most popular garden crop over the last 200 years. We offer an amazing selection of many of the finest old varieties in lots of delicious colors! A few heirloom varieties have plants that don't get quite so large. Called "determinate" varieties, these get to a certain size and then set all their fruit more or less at once. Determinates may be a better choice where tomatoes are grown in a very small garden, or in containers. All varieties are believed to be 'indeterminate' (long vines), unless specified 'determinate' (short vines). The best tasting varieties tend to be indeterminate, as most of ours are unless otherwise noted.

Grandfather Ashlock Tomato

Grandfather Ashlock Tomato TK142

85 days. The Ashlock family settled in Kentucky shortly after fighting... Read More
Mushroom Basket Tomato

Mushroom Basket Tomato TK164

One of the most beautiful and attractive tomatoes we have ever grown. It... Read More
Barnes Mountain Pink Tomato

Barnes Mountain Pink Tomato TK141

95 days. Very tall vines were grown at Barnes Mountain, Kentucky. They... Read More
Tsar's Royal Gift Tomato

Tsar's Royal Gift Tomato TK167

NEW! Blushing, big, pink fruit are ribbed and quite beautiful, being deep... Read More
Grace Lahman's Pink

Grace Lahman's Pink Tomato TK131

75-80 days. This variety is a globe-shaped tomato with very good flavor.... Read More
Gemini Tomato

Gemini Tomato TK162

NEW! This tomato is out of a series of Russian-bred tomatoes that are named... Read More
Amerikanskiy Sladkiy Tomato

Amerikanskiy Sladkiy Tomato TK143

70-90 days. This Russian variety's name means "American Sugared," as it... Read More

Tlacalula Pink Tomato TK130

75-85 days. A unique tomato collected by a friend in Tlacalula, Mexico;... Read More
Pink Honey Tomato

Pink Honey Tomato TK154

New! These have a sweet tomato flavor: in Russia they describe it as having... Read More
Vinson Watts Tomato

Vinson Watts Tomato TK126

85-90 days. Large, flattened, pink fruit with excellent flavor, it was... Read More
Brave General

Brave General Tomato TK148

We are proud to introduce this big, beautiful tomato to gardeners everywhere.... Read More
Pink Bertoua Tomato

Pink Bertoua Tomato TK153

This pretty tomato comes from the Republic of Cameroon, in Western Africa.... Read More
Missouri Pink Love Apple

Missouri Pink Love Apple Tomato TK128

Big, pink fruit are very rich-tasting, certainly a favorite pink tomato.... Read More
Belize Pink Heart

Belize Pink Heart Tomato TK136

We had just entered the quaint mountain town of San Ignacio, Belize, on... Read More
Pink Icicle Tomato

Pink Icicle Tomato TK165

Very delicious, bright pink fruit are shaped like a dazzling pink icicle.... Read More
Rebekah Allen Tomato

Rebekah Allen Tomato TK175

70 days—The first tomato we harvested in our 2014 Missouri garden. This... Read More
Ozark Pink Tomato

Ozark Pink Tomato TK151

A wonderfully smooth tomato with attractive pink color, good flavor and... Read More
Dester Tomato

Dester Tomato TK170

New! A large pink beefsteak variety that reaches 1-1 1/2 pounds. Its rich... Read More
Bali Tomato

Bali Tomato TK147

A new Oriental favorite here. Flat, ribbed, 2-3-inch delicious fruit are... Read More

German Lunchbox Tomato TK129

70-80 days. This heirloom was brought into the seed store a few years ago... Read More
Peche Tomato

Peche Tomato TK174

75 days. Here is something a little different: small to medium sized fruits... Read More
Rose De Berne Tomato

Rose De Berne Tomato TK135

70-80 days. Beautiful, nicely-shaped 4-to 8-oz fruit are a rose-pink color... Read More
Raspberry Lyanna Tomato

Raspberry Lyanna Tomato TK166

Simply stunning, raspberry-pink fruits are of medium size. Firm flesh is... Read More
Pink accordian

Pink Accordian Tomato TK152

Truly unique, large pink fruit is ruffled like an accordion. Very attractive--... Read More
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