Tomato Purple


(Lycopersicon lycopersicum) This crop, native to the Americas, has become the most popular garden crop over the last 200 years. We offer an amazing selection of many of the finest old varieties in lots of delicious colors! A few heirloom varieties have plants that don't get quite so large. Called "determinate" varieties, these get to a certain size and then set all their fruit more or less at once. Determinates may be a better choice where tomatoes are grown in a very small garden, or in containers. All varieties are believed to be 'indeterminate' (long vines), unless specified 'determinate' (short vines). The best tasting varieties tend to be indeterminate, as most of ours are unless otherwise noted.

Evan's Purple Pear Tomato

Evan's Purple Pear Tomato TP161

(Also known as Evan’s Purple Plum) 75 days. Selected from a chance cross... Read More
Chocolate Pear Tomato

Chocolate Pear Tomato TP155

70 days. Expect huge crops of “black,” pear-shaped tomatoes over a very... Read More
Chocolate Cherry Tomato

Chocolate Cherry Tomato TP153

75 days. Deep rosy-purple little cherries are very uniform at 1-inch in... Read More
Chocolate Tomato

Chocolate Tomato TP141

Medium-sized slicing type fruits, about 6 oz, round and slightly flattened,... Read More
Tsungshigo Chinese Tomato

Tsungshigo Chinese Tomato TP147

Unbelievable production of small, reddish-chocolate colored, grape-shaped... Read More
Black Vernissage Tomato

Black Vernissage Tomato TP151

Here is a lovely "Black" tomato that is loaded with flavor as well as production.... Read More
Golova Negra Tomato

Golova Negra Tomato TP137

80-90 days. Full-sized slicer in warm tones of deep red to mahogany. The... Read More
Creme Brulee Tomato

Creme Brulee Tomato TP136

A lovely tomato from the former Soviet Union. This variety produces pretty,... Read More
Black Mauri Tomato web.

Black Mauri (Black Moor) Tomato TP134

A beautiful, deep chocolate-brown grape tomato that is sweet, flavorful... Read More
Black Icicle Tomato

Black Icicle Tomato TP132

Stunning, perfectly shaped, deep purplish-brown fruit that are almost black.... Read More
Black Elephant Tomato

Black Elephant Tomato TP131

A fairly early, black variety from France that is of medium to large size.... Read More
Vorlon Tomato

Vorlon Tomato TP128

We are introducing this large variety received from Bulgaria. A stunning... Read More
Tzi Bi U or Violet Jasper

Violet Jasper or Tzi Bi U Tomato TP127

When these little Oriental jewels ripen, your eyes will be stunned with... Read More
Purple Calabash Tomato

Purple Calabash Tomato TP125

85 days. May be the most purple of all "purple" tomatoes; a deep purple/burgundy... Read More

Beduin Tomato TP123

A very flavorful and delicious fruit that are a deep, dark brick color,... Read More
Gypsy Tomato

Gypsy Tomato TP121

Named for the Gypsies who live in Russia, this is one of the deepest, purplest,... Read More
Black Giant Tomato

Black Giant Tomato TP120

Big, purple-black fruit are a favorite of seed collectors, who rave about... Read More
Sarah Black Tomato

Sarah Black Tomato TP115

78 days. Attractive, fairly uniform and crack-resistant, purplish-brown... Read More
True Black Brandywine Tomato

True Black Brandywine Tomato TP114

80-90 days. This fine variety was sent to us by our friend, famed seed... Read More

Morado Tomato TP113

85 days. This very rare tomato produces delicious 1-lb fruit that are dark... Read More

Carbon Tomato TP112

90 days. Winner of the 2005 "Heirloom Garden Show" best tasting tomato... Read More
Pierce's Pride

Pierce's Pride Tomato TP111

90 days. A stabilized cross that was selected by our seed grower, Larry... Read More
Paul Robeson Tomato

Paul Robeson Tomato TP110

90 days. This famous tomato has almost a cult following among seed collectors... Read More

Nyagous Tomato TP109

90 days. A wonderful, dark-colored 'cluster tomato' that produces perfect... Read More
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