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Wild Boar Farms

Brad Gates is known in the California Bay area as “the tomato guy.” He has always loved the outdoors and plants. After working Saturdays for a summer selling at farmers markets for a friend, he became fascinated with the farmers market scene and began growing “those weird non-red tomatoes.” His first year, he grew 500 tomato plants, and the next year 1000. Now 14 years later, he owns a farm and wholesale business that supplies tomatoes to Bay Area restaurants and businesses. He also hosts a series of Farm to Table events in mid to late August as the tomatoes ripen on his farm each year. Brad is proprietor of Wild Boar Farms near Napa, California, where he offers some of the most outrageous tomatoes available on the planet. Using heirloom genetics and mutations as a foundation, creating new varieties kept him interested. He enjoyed creating tomatoes with new flavors, new colors, and new shapes with a goal to create the most amazing tomato varieties there are. His main focus is on bi-color and striped varieties with extreme flavor and fascinating looks. We are quite delighted to offer several of Brad Gates’ most excellent varieties. All varieties are believed to be 'indeterminate' (long vines), unless specified 'determinate' (short vines).

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Amos Coli Tomato

Amos Coli Tomato TX129

Gorgeous plums are the epitome of what makes a tomato great for paste and... Read More
Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato TX130

Pale yellow cherries are delicious, and grow on some of the largest clusters... Read More
Black Beauty Tomato

Black Beauty Tomato TX125

World’s Darkest Tomato-- the darkest tomato we know of! A dark, meaty,... Read More

Blue Beauty Tomato TX110

80 days. This recent Brad Gates introduction was selected from a cross... Read More
Blue Berries Tomato

Blue Berries Tomato TX111

75 days. Here’s a small cherry variety from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms.... Read More
Blue Cream Berries Tomato

Blue Cream Berries Tomato TX124

A super-sweet cherry tomato, cream berries are super prolific. These boast... Read More
Gold Berries Tomato

Blue Gold Berries Tomato TX121

80 days. Incredibly beautiful cherry type in purple and yellow. Long clusters... Read More
Brad's Atomic Grape

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato TX133

Elongated cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown... Read More
Chestnut Chocolate Tomato

Chestnut Chocolate Tomato TX127

Great flavor, high yields, and marked disease resistance. The indigo coloring... Read More
Cosmic Eclipse Tomato

Cosmic Eclipse Tomato TX126

This totally unique variety is amazing! Smooth, 2- to 3-ounce fruits start... Read More
Indigo Apple Tomato 5

Indigo Apple Tomato TX108

75 days. Immature fruits show deep purple, almost black coloration, which... Read More
Large Barred Boar Tomato

Large Barred Boar Tomato TX102

65-70 days. This regular leaf tomato grows fairly stocky and not as tall... Read More
Lucid Gem Tomato

Lucid Gem Tomato TX128

This new Brad Gates selection is an absolute masterpiece! Slicing-type... Read More
Michael Pollan Tomato

Michael Pollan Tomato TX112

75 days. Bred at Wild Boar Farms, and named for the famous author and activist... Read More
Napa Chardonnay Blush Tomato

Napa Chardonnay Blush Tomato TX132

65-70 days. Yellow mutation from Napa Rose Blush, Brad says this one has... Read More
Napa Rose Blush Tomato

Napa Rose Blush Tomato TX131

65-70 days. Sweet little cherries are richly colored in dark pink—very... Read More
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato TX105

65-75 days. Compact plants produce beautiful 8-12 ounce fruit with a very... Read More
Pink Boar Tomato

Pink Boar Tomato TX120

80 days. This 4 ounce gem is pinkish-wine colored with metallic green stripes.... Read More
Pork Chop Tomato

Pork Chop Tomato TX106

75-85 days. While most "yellow" tomatoes are actually orange, this is... Read More
Red Boar Tomato

Red Boar Tomato TX104

70-75 days. A mid-season tomato that is a top notch performer in the looks,... Read More
Solar Flair Tomato

Solar Flare Tomato TX107

This 6-10 ounce beefsteak is red with gold stripes and has very meaty flesh... Read More
Sweet Carneros Pink Tomato

Sweet Carneros Pink Tomato TX103

This 2-4 ounce tomato is rose pink with gold colored stripes. It is not... Read More
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