(B. rapa) European crop, used for its leaves, roots, occasionally blossoms, and as a fodder crop since at least Roman times. Turnips are under-appreciated by todays gardeners, but, properly grown, they make a superb storage crop for use through the winter. They should be direct-sown in ordinary garden soil, well-worked and free of stones, about two months prior to first frost of autumn. Thin to stand 6 inches apart; thinnings may be used as greens. Roots are ready in from 35-70 days, depending upon the variety, and may be stored in the fridge, an unheated garage, root cellar, or right in the ground, if properly mulched.

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"Ideal" Purple Top Milan Turnip

"Ideal" Purple Top Milan Turnip TN104

An improved Milan turnip; the roots are very flat, white with purple... Read More

Boule D'or Turnip

Boule D'or Turnip TN113

The "Golden Ball" or "Orange Jelly" variety has been a mainstay of European... Read More
Early Flat White Turnip

Early Flat White Turnip TN114

(Navet Blanc Plat Hatif) Described by Vilmorin as: "Root exceedingly flat,... Read More
Golden Globe Turnip

Golden Globe Turnip TN101

A tasty turnip with sweet, lightly golden flesh; fine flavored. A good... Read More
Hinona Kabu

Hinona Kabu Turnip TN108

Ancient Japanese salad turnip with a slightly spicy, radish flavor originated... Read More
Navet des Vertus Marteau Turnip

Navet des Vertus Marteau Turnip TN106

The very tender, white roots are cylindrical, 5"-6" long and 2" wide with... Read More
Petrowski Turnip

Petrowski Turnip TN111

A nice yellow turnip with sweet, flat roots that mature quickly. In 1916... Read More
Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Globe Turnip TN103

A popular market variety, heirloom (pre-1880), productive, and easy to... Read More
Chandrima Turnip

Pusa Chandrima Turnip TN118

Early maturing and high yielding plants develop massive roots if left in... Read More
Red Ball Turnip

Red Ball Turnip JS230

In the Annals of American Vegetable Varieties, William Warner Tracy in... Read More
Red Round Turnip

Red Round Turnip TN112

Here is the bright red Oriental turnip that has become so hard to find!... Read More
Shogoin Turnip

Shogoin Turnip TN109

A popular Japanese variety that has high quality, smooth white roots and... Read More
Snowball Turnip

Snowball Turnip TN107

Mentioned as the main market variety supplying the London, England markets,... Read More
White Egg Turnip

White Egg Turnip TN102

This very old pre-1880's heirloom was a top market variety in the U.S.... Read More
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