(Citrullus vulgaris) We’re #1 in watermelon varieties– check our selection! We carry watermelon seed for wide range of sizes and colors. Plant heirloom watermelon seeds in late spring; the plants thrive in summer heat. A longstanding crop in the South where it was originally transported by slaves from Africa.





Sow the seed one-half inch deep outdoors after frost-season is over and soil is warm. Soil should be rich and well-amended with compost or manure. Sow the seed 12 inches  apart, in rows 6 feet apart. They may be started indoors from seed no more than 2-3 weeks prior to setting-out date, and never let watermelon seedlings become root-bound in their pots.

Wilson's Sweet

Wilson's Sweet Watermelon

80 days. Very unique spotted rind, with very crisp, sweet red flesh that... Read More
White Wonder

White Wonder Watermelon

80 days Beautiful, snow-white flesh is so pale it's almost transparent!... Read More
White Sugar Lump

White Sugar Lump Watermelon

We at last have a limited supply of seed for this very rare melon. The... Read More
Tom Watson Watermelon

Tom Watson Watermelon

87 days Large, 20 to 40-lb fruit with sweet, crisp, dark red flesh. The... Read More
Thai Rom Dao

Thai Rom Dao Watermelon

Small fruit weigh about 5 lbs. A striped green rind and bright red flesh... Read More
Texas Golden Watermelon

Texas Golden Watermelon

New! A beautiful melon that is filled with delicious golden flesh, sweet... Read More

Tendergold Watermelon

New! 80 days. A fairly early orange-fleshed variety that has great taste... Read More
Takii Gem Watermelon

Takii Gem Watermelon

Extinct commercially until we reintroduced it, this variety was given to... Read More
Sweet Siberian

Sweet Siberian Watermelon

80-90 days. Luscious, apricot-colored flesh is very sweet and flavorful.... Read More
Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon

Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon

80-90 days—One of the best-tasting and most reliable newer open-pollinated... Read More
Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby Watermelon

79 days. The #1 icebox sized melon! Early! 6-10 lb. melons are great for... Read More
Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Watermelon

New! A legendary commercial melon from the early 20th century. Stone Mountain... Read More
Scaly Bark

Scaly Bark Watermelon

This truly historic variety was listed in the1885 Retail Catalogue of the... Read More
Royal Golden

Royal Golden Watermelon

The most beautiful watermelon we carry; the rind of this heirloom turns... Read More
Picnic Watermelon

Picnic Watermelon

90-100 days. These beautiful, oval melons have dark green, glossy rinds... Read More
Peacock Striped

Peacock Striped Watermelon

87 days. A good-sized melon with fine-textured, bright red flesh; another... Read More

Orangeglo Watermelon

85 days. Beautiful, deep orange flesh; very sweet, excellent, almost tropical... Read More
Orange Flesh Tendersweet

Orange Flesh Tendersweet Watermelon

90 days. Excellent, deep orange flesh; very sweet and crisp, flavor lives... Read More
Navajo Winter Watermelon

Navajo Winter Watermelon

85 days. Thick light green to striped rind; medium pink to red crisp, sweet... Read More
Mountain Hoosier

Mountain Hoosier Watermelon

85 days. Large melons can grow up to 80 lbs. Dark green rind and very sweet,... Read More
Moon and Stars Yellow Flesh

Moon and Stars Yellow Flesh Watermelon

90-95 days. Rare, this is the yellow-meated strain of this fine heirloom;... Read More
Moon and Stars

Moon and Stars Watermelon

95 days. Legendary Heirloom Variety rediscovered in Macon, Missouri. Can... Read More

Montenegro Man Watermelon

80 days. Outstanding ice-box-type watermelon that we received from the... Read More
Missouri Heirloom Yellow Flesh

Missouri Heirloom Yellow Flesh Watermelon

We are excited to offer this great old variety from the "Show Me" state.... Read More
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