William Woys Weaver

William Woys Weaver

The Roughwood Seed Collection, which now comprises about 4000 varieties of heirloom food plants, was begun informally in 1932 by my grandfather H. Ralph Weaver (1896-1956).

I discovered his seed collection at the bottom of a freezer many years later and decided to take on the responsibility of growing out the rare and unusual plants he had accumulated. Since then, I have added thousands of new plants to the collection (and given it the name Roughwood, after my 1805 house in Devon, Pennsylvania) .


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Aji pepper

Aji Escabeche Hot Pepper WW214

While our seed traces to Bolivia, this Andean heirloom is also grown in... Read More

Alpha Tomato WW209

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. We believe this very rare tomato -- which we got... Read More
Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce

Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce WW147

This scarce Pennsylvania Dutch variety with crimped and deeply ruffled... Read More
Ancash Market Cucumber

Ancash Market Cucumber WW127

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! Collected in Chacas, Peru by the late... Read More
Atlantic Prize Tomato

Atlantic Prize Tomato WW112

(Lycopersicon lycopersicon) Our original seed was acquired in 1993 from... Read More
Balloon Lettuce

Balloon Lettuce WW145

A delicate romaine type summer lettuce dating from the 1800s,... Read More
Ba-Ye-Qi Sorghum

Ba-Ye-Qi Sorghum WW128

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This rare heirloom from Central Asia... Read More

Bean, Petite Carre de Caen WW181

This highly productive heirloom cut short pole bean was grown in the kitchen... Read More
Big Red Ripper Cowpea

Big Red Ripper Cowpea WW167

Also known as Mandy and Tory, this large seeded cowpea... Read More
Biquinho Pepper

Biquinho Hot Pepper HPP501

Pronounced bee-KEE-nyo, the name of this landrace from Brazil means “little... Read More
Brown Lazy Wife Lentil Bean

Brown Lazy Wife Lentil Bean WW119

The lentil bean, otherwise known among the Pennsylvania Dutch as Brown... Read More
Buena Mulata

Buena Mulata Hot Pepper HPP500

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This pepper classic was acquired in... Read More
Calico Crowder Cowpea

Calico Crowder Cowpea WW165

An attractive Old South (pre-1850s) cowpea with a distinctive red... Read More

 chi yei

Chi Yei Eggplant WW196

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. 'Chi Yei' is an incredibly early, fast-ripening... Read More
Chiltoma Grande de Ometepe Pepper

Chiltoma Grande de Ometepe Pepper WW110

(Capsicum annuum) Called Chiltoma Grande de Ometepe in Spanish, this flavorful... Read More
Coral Sorghum

Coral Sorghum WW190

Coral' is one amazing plant. From the Shilluk people of the war-torn city... Read More

Cushaw of Martinique Squash WW183

Cucurbita moschata This scarce heirloom variety of fragrant squash was... Read More
 Cypriot Watermelon

Cypriot Watermelon WW113

Citrullus lanatus We discovered this classic Cypriot watermelon in 1996... Read More
Debbies pink

Debbie's Pink Tomato WW188

Debbie’s Pink is the product of a selective breeding program begun by Dr.... Read More
Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe

Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe WW210

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. Directors of the Experimental Farm Network selected... Read More

Dolique de Cuba Cowpea WW215

Called the Cuban Asparagus Bean in old French seed catalogs, this red-seeded... Read More
DR Lyle

Dr. Lyle Tomato WW187

This rare regular leaf strain of the original Mikado (there are 2 genetic... Read More
Dyers MArigold

Dyer's Marigold WW218

We first saw this unusual and striking landrace from Mexico in the gardens... Read More
Egyptian Okra

Egyptian Okra WW129

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! We acquired this rare landrace from... Read More
Elephant trunk

Elephant Trunk Pepper WW169

This spicy cherry red heirloom pepper tracing to Central America was saved... Read More
Eva Ball Tomato

Eva Purple Ball Tomato WW197

This... Read More

Eva Snader's Brown Winter Lettuce

Eva Snader's Brown Winter Lettuce WW107

(Lactuca sativa) This is one of the most distinctive Pennsylvania Dutch... Read More
Fejee Improved Tomato

Fejee Improved Tomato WW179

This tomato came in to my grandfather ’s collection from his... Read More
Fiaschetto di Manduria Tomato

Fiaschetto di Manduria Tomato WW205

'Fiaschetto'... Read More

Fruher Heinrich

Fruher Heinrich Pea WW160

This German heirloom dating from the 1800s was popular all over Europe... Read More
Gagon Cucumber

Gagon Cucumber WW194


Galina Tomato

Galina Tomato WW204

This... Read More

Golden Juniata Tomato

Golden Juniata Tomato WW111

(Lycopersicon lycopersicon) This is probably one of the best of the Victorian-era... Read More
Gov Penny Packer

Governor Pennypacker Tomato WW213

Developed about 1908 by a Bucks County, PA farmer, and named in honor of... Read More
Grandpa's White Wax Tomato

Grandpa's White Wax Tomato WW178

Found in my grandfathers frozen seed collection many years... Read More
Green Gage Yellow Tomato

Green Gage Yellow Tomato WW125

One of our favorite cottage garden tomatoes. This Victorian classic was... Read More
Homs 11 Tomato

Homs 11 Tomato WW207



Kandahar Pendi Okra WW191

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. If you've struggled with growing okra in the past,... Read More
Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards

Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards WW141

Kashmiri Collards are among the rarest Brassicas available outside India.... Read More
Katie's Mustard Lettuce

Katie's Mustard Lettuce WW154

This bright yellow-green crinkly mustard was brought to Australia... Read More
KC 146 Tomato

KC 146 Tomato WW208

This... Read More

Khiva Cucumber

Khiva Cucumber WW142

This rare cucumber resembling kiwi fruit or small netted melons, was first... Read More
Landis Winter Lettuce

Landis Winter Lettuce WW106

(Lactuca sativa) We acquired this dark green classic Pennsylvania Dutch... Read More

Legend Tomato (Late Blight Resistant) WW201

Just the late-blight-resistant tomato you've been looking for! Developed... Read More
Chinese Round

Lie Ke Yieh Chieh Tzu Eggplant WW162

Collected in China in the 1930s, this old heirloom variety is both sweet... Read More
Livingston's Favorite Tomato

Livingston's Favorite Tomato WW124

Developed in 1883 by Ohio tomato breeder Alexander Livingston. This beautiful... Read More

Luthi Salsify WW184

We have been growing this old and much sought-after landrace for at least... Read More
Makataan Watemelon

Makataan Watermelon WW134

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! This rare and unusual preserving melon... Read More

Mallorcan Winter Tomato WW135

This unusual tomato from the Spanish island of Mallorca is used almost... Read More
Maule's Philadelphia Lettuce

Maule's Philadelphia Lettuce WW126

Introduced in 1888 by W. Atlee Burpee under the name California Cream... Read More
Minsk Early Tomato

Minsk Early Tomato WW203


Moyamensing or Spring Garden Goal Tomato

Moyamensing or Spring Garden Goal Tomato WW185

This rare and unusual African-American heirloom came into the Collection... Read More
Nerum Boer Popping Sorghum

Nerum Boer Popping Sorghum WW122

Developed by the Shilluk peoples of Malakal in the Upper Nile State of... Read More
New Hampshire Tomato

New Hampshire Victor Tomato WW206



New Hanover Ground Cherry WW195

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. Ground cherries are close relatives of tomatillos,... Read More
Nistru Tomato

Nistru Tomato WW199


Polecat cowpea

Polecat Cowpea WW180

This attractive cowpea known by many different names is a Deep South heirloom... Read More
Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue Pea WW158

Dating from the 1780s, this smooth, dark blue-green pea was popular in... Read More
Puerto Cortes Tomato

Puerto Cortes Tomato WW202


Koronis Bean

Purple Koronis Bean WW192

Bred by the late Robert Henry Lobitz, 'Koronis Purple' is a favorite of... Read More
Red Rice Cowpea

Red Rice Cowpea WW182

This highly attractive miniature cowpea with tiny dark red peas is probably... Read More
Rinon Rippled Delight Tomato

Riñon Rippled Delight Tomato WW198


Risser PEa

Risser Sickle Pea WW157

This pre-1770s English heirloom pea was saved from extinction by Ida Shriner... Read More
Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards

Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards WW140

This is a new strain of collard created by Dr. William Woys Weaver by selectively... Read More
Schifferstadt Long Black Radish

Schifferstadt Long Black Radish WW161

This Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom traces to the historic village... Read More
Sehsapsing- Delaware Black Flint Corn

Sehsapsing- Delaware Black Flint Corn WW118

(Zea mais) We acquired Sehsapsing Delaware Black Flint corn over the course... Read More
Stubby Okra

Stubby Okra WW176

This old heirloom variety is said to trace to Louisiana although it appears... Read More
Syrian Green

Syrian Green Lettuce WW151

We are pleased to list rare Syrian heirloom with lush green leaves and... Read More
Tamboura Melon

Tamboura Melon WW172

Our original seed came from the farmer’s market in Limassol, Cyprus where... Read More
Thorburn's Terra-Cotta Tomato

Thorburn's Terra-Cotta Tomato TP500

Introduced in 1893 by James Thorburn of New York, this is one of the most... Read More
White Silesian Lettuce

White Silesian Lettuce WW146

This handsome variety with pale green crinkled leaves forms... Read More
Wild pigeon bean

Wild Pigeon Bean WW137

Wild Pigeon is an old-style Eastern Woodland Native American semi-pole... Read More
Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato

Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato WW186

We have grown this remarkable tomato for several years and it has never... Read More
Yellow Garden Peach Tomato

Yellow Garden Peach Tomato WW177

This delightful old French heirloom dating from the 1880s... Read More
Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper

Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper WW170

This hot spicy Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom pepper was acquired by my grandfather... Read More
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