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Succulent Iceplant
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Succulent Iceplant

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(Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) (Also known as Hottentot Fig) Annual or biennial, to 10 inches-Prolific production of daisy-like white to pink flowers in summer. A bed of Iceplant is oddly reminiscent of an undersea stand of sea anemones! The glistening, succulent leaves are tinged with bronze, making a delicious, slightly tart spinach substitute. At one time the leaves were used to treat scurvy on long voyages, which explains its occurrence worldwide, seeds being present in soil dropped by ships in ballast dumps. Has naturalized along the California coast where it is something of a trademark, even though it’s native to southern and western Africa.

Succulent Iceplant
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Concord, CA
October 22, 2014
which plant is this
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What are the pros? delicious

What are the cons? none


I don't know exactly what seed you're going to get, but this description is very confused. The Hottentot Fig is the flower fruit of Carpobrotus edulis. This is indeed the iceplant you see along coastal roads in California. Mesembryanthymum crystillanum is also called iceplant but has beautiful thinner beaded broad leaves. Where the former's thick slimy leaves need cooking, the latter can be used as a salad green. It is also called fico?de glaciale.

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