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Tahitian Melon Squash
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Tahitian Melon Squash (10 seeds) (SQ282) $2.75
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Tahitian Melon Squash

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(C. moschata) This near-legendary butternut-type was one of the first rediscovered heirlooms that fueled the early heirloom movement. Fruits are large, to 40 lbs or more, though 12-20 pounds is more common. The orange flesh is richly fragrant, and very sweet and delicious. So sweet, the juice caramelizes when baked--one of the sweetest squash anywhere! Fine for use in pies, soups or desserts, and keeps for up to nine months. Has been known to produce as much as 100 pounds of squash per plant. The plants are rugged and they are huge, and grow over a wide range of conditions, even in the scorching-hot summers of the Southwest. Introduced by Thompson and Morgan in 1977, from seed grown by our friend Steve Spangler of Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista, California. Steve was among the earliest people to grow Tahitian Melon squash in this country, from seed originally brought from exotic Islands Tahiti by a sailor in the 1960s. I remember these from the 1980s Gurneys catalogs and it helped inspired my dream of exotic seeds and places, a love of cultures and their foods.
Tahitian Melon Squash
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Chino, CA, United States
December 31, 2016
Great Squash
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Tasty! Lots of it!

What are the cons? Really takes over


I grew these back in the early 90's. After many years of searching for the original strain (several companies I found called theirs Tahitian Squash but they grew out to be butternuts), I found and purchased some seeds direct from Steve. I am so happy to see Baker Creek now carry them! Everyone I know that likes squash loves this one. Some of ours have gone over 30 pounds. Excellent texture and flavor and with that huge neck, its a lot of squash! The plants are huge and the vines are long. Not many pest issues in my area. Vine tends to set fruit later than our other squash and about the time I think they wont produce they push out a bumper crop. Seeds and seedlings are very cold sensitive and do better when started indoors. Seeds will rot if planted in cool soil. If you have the room for it this is well worth growing. Baked, stewed, even eaten raw (or dehydrated into squash chips) its all good!

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