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Tambuli Edible Gourd (10 seeds) (ED105) $2.50

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Tambuli Edible Gourd

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This beautiful and tasty gourd is bright green in color, cylindrical in shape and with a distinguished neck and flat blossom end. It is strongly disease resistant. A great regional variety from the Philippines.
Tambuli Edible Gourd
Overall Rating:
Number of Reviews: 2
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 3.5

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London Gardener
London, United Kingdom
August 14, 2015
Tasty and Riable
Easy to Grow 3.5
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Productive and versatile

What are the cons? Hand pollinate for good yield


Attractive and tasty. Yield a continuous crop of delicious young leaves for stews and stir fry dishes. Third year growing. First year had a disappointing crop of only 7 decent sized fruits. Last year used a small brush to hand pollinate and the same this year. As a result the vines are heavy with developing fruit. Definitely one i will be growing every year.

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Eureka, AR
March 22, 2014
Delicious and fun.
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Fun to grow, tasty vegetable

What are the cons? I want more opo per vine.


If you can grow a regular gourd-you can grow this edible gourd. I grew several plants last year. All produced some nice gourds. But, I only had the heart to try one fruit. It had a texture not unlike eggplant. The flavor was mild. ( cooked it, boiled-it would be even better prepared other ways.). I didn't pick more of the gourds-because I wanted to see if they would dry-and yes they did! I have several nice, cylinderical shaped, dried gourds. I can hear the seeds rattling in the gourds, but the seed would not be true, as I planted other Langeria type gourds too. anyway, try something fun and new this year.

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