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Tan Gram
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Tan Gram (150 seeds) (JS178) $2.75
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Tan Gram

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(Macrotyloma uniflorum) One has to wonder why this special pulse crop is so little known in North America! The Horse Gramm has been grown for centuries as a primary food base by millions of peoples in India and Southern Asia. It is a legume which enriches the soil, it grows even in hot poor conditions and it produces reasonable crops of fine elongated lentil like seeds. It makes a wonderful green manure crop and is highly appreciated by grazing animals for fodder. In India many parts of the plant are used for medicinal applications including treating jaundice, bronchitis, asthma and kidney stones. The dried seeds are prepared in a myriad of ways, yet the majority of cooking goes into making dal. Dal is of a cooked seasoned dish composed of lentils or small pulses. These should do well in most areas of the US with a 4 month growing season or longer.


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