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Tarpeta Uzbekistan Melon (10 seeds) (JSML102) $6.00

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Tarpeta Uzbekistan Melon

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Central Asia is a mysterious region, the place in antiquity where east met the west. This cross-roads of civilizations was also the origin of many edible treasures, among them; melons. Melons were likely domesticated in Central Asia, and from there, they were shared with the world. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kygyzstan are the countries that could be called the epicenter of melon diversity. The Tarpeta Melon (in English translated: Torpedo Melon for its shape) is one of the most famous varieties. It is grown in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This is an enormous melon that gets up to 20 Pounds. The fruit is shapd like a long stretched out football. The flesh is thick..(2- 2.5 inches), creamy white and very sweet. The Kyrgyzstani people wait for these melons to arrive. With local production not keeping up to demand, truckloads are imported from Uzbekistan. In various places in Southern Kyrgyzstan during melon season it is possible to see the melon trucks delivering laden with fruits carefully packed with straw. This melon has successfully been grown by many people in the states. They do best in dry climates with hot days and cooler nights. Probably 110-120 days to maturity. And astounding variety worth trying!
Tarpeta Uzbekistan Melon
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Easy to Grow 3.0
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Moscow, Russian Federation
July 2, 2017
Easy to Grow 3.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Very sweet

What are the cons? She loves heat very much.


The name is not correct. Correctly sounds and is written "TORPEDA" (TORPEDO eng.) - the meaning is the same in Russian and English. She loves heat very much. Only for southern regions. In the greenhouse does not get such a taste, as in the open ground in the south.

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