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Texas Gourdseed Corn
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Texas Gourdseed Corn (50 seeds) (CN152) $4.00
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Texas Gourdseed Corn

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120 days—Prior to the Civil War, gourd-seed corns were among the most prevalent types throughout the South. The kernels are very long or deep, but very small in the amount of space they take up on each ear. This gives them a different appearance than other corns; fancifully compared to the seeds of gourds. The stalks on this variety are a modest 8 feet in height; usually producing two ears per stalk. Each ear contains 18 to 20 rows of cream-colored, dent-type kernels. It is considered to be among the most flavorful of dent types, and is beloved in tortillas, puddings, dumplings, corn bread and more. Can be harvested for fresh eating at the milk stage, about 73 days. Tolerates drought and clay soils better than most, too. Originally brought to Texas by farmers of German descent who migrated there from Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the late 19th century. Limited quantities available in 2015.
Texas Gourdseed Corn
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Asheville, NC, United States
February 22, 2016
Love this Corn
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 1.0

What are the pros? Resistant to corn earworms

What are the cons? none


If you've never grown Gourdseed corn you are in for a treat. Tall stalks, massive prolific ears, and great pest resistance are part of the charm. Gourdseed is an ancient landrace corn, one of the oldest in existence. It was used to hybridize all the cornbelt dents that have been created. We used Texas Gourdseed to demonstrate tamale making in our presentation at the Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Durham, NC. Everyone agreed it made unbelievably delicious tamales, soft melt-in-your mouth masa with amazing flavor. One of my favorite corns.

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