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Salinas, CA
April 3, 2014
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What are the pros? Great idea!

What are the cons? Not all varieties have photos


First of all... I love that Baker creek has made a more extensive catalog for purchase. I would highly recommend buying one. My disappointment is that there are not photos of ALL the varieties listed. I realized that it would be even more expensive to publish, but I'd certainly pay a lot more for that. It is such a great resource to have good photos, especially for identifying heirloom seed/ veggies that someone has given me. My other recommendation would be that the photos are listed in alphabetical order- it is cumbersome to flip back and forth many pages to see the photo/ read the description. Anyway: an awesome catalog, get one! I'm writing this review hoping that they remedy these things in the future. Maybe a hardcover offered also, with photos of everything? I'd pre-order one!

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By GoatCheeseMaker 3 Apr 2014

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