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Tortorello Verde Barese Melon Enlarge View
Tortorello Verde Barese Melon
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Tortorello Verde Barese Melon (10 seeds) (JS226) $3.50
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Tortorello Verde Barese Melon

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This wonderful "Cucumber Melon" from the Bari region of Southern Italy is one of the little known culinary secrets of the initiated.  The so called Tortorello Verde Barese is an incredible tender and crunchy "cucumber" like melon.  The fruits are harvested while still green.  The flesh is crunchy and with an exquisite nutty flavor.  These cucumber melons are a prized additions to almost all southern Italian salads.  The plants grow well wherever melons are grown- THEY are Melons- but they are eaten like CUCUMBERS!  You will love these and be ready to try other Italian "cucumber" melons after trying this one!

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