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White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy Enlarge View
White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy
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White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy (500 seeds) (FL598) $3.00
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White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy

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Creamy-white flowers are huge, and almost unbelievably double--packed to bursting with pleated petals. And the seedheads, in their turn, are spectacular—nearly ebony black , very showy and so tall they are nearly as eye level! Use as bread seed, store a few for planting next year, and the cycle begins again.
White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy
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Easy to Grow 4.0
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Springfield, MO, United States
March 26, 2016
A Premature Review
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? The Anticipation of a Beaute

What are the cons? None


As the title states, this is an early review, but these seeds are sprouting in multitudes in every single place I've sowed them. They are growing very quickly, and I'd say within 3 days of putting them in the ground the crowds burst forth. From what I am experiencing at this moment, I am expecting a very successful attempt. I will return with a 5 star rating once I know things are as I assume.

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