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Wild Gourmet Pea arvense
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Wild Gourmet Pea of Umbria: "Roveja di Casteluccio" (25 seeds) (JS216) $3.00
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Wild Gourmet Pea of Umbria: "Roveja di Casteluccio"

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The so called Wild Gourmet Pea of Umbria is actually known by the fancy Italian name in its homeland: "Roveja di Casteluccio". This scrumptious pea is raised in the special valley beneath the Umbrian mountain village of Casteluccio. It is known by historians that the Pea has been raised for more than a thousand years in this area. The locals make a special pea porridge" out of these speckled "wild" peas. This is a very easy pea to grow if you have good cool growing conditions. Certainly a very rare pea in America, this is a living tradition in Italy. This pea is one of the "special" varieties designated by the Italian Slow Food Committee as a national heritage variety.


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