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Wilhelmsburger Rutabaga (400 seeds) (RT106) $2.50
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Wilhelmsburger Rutabaga

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(German Green Top) Historic old rutabaga variety that has been the preferred market type in Northern Europe for many years. Roots are large and white-skinned, with the top of the root being an unusual green. The crisp golden flesh is fine-textured, free of bitterness or coarse fiber. Ours is a selection of Wilhelmsburger Hartmann, from 1935, and was originally bred in Germany.

Wilhelmsburger Rutabaga
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Easy to Grow 3.5
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Winchester, VA
July 12, 2014
Good producer
Easy to Grow 3.5
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? Cold tolerant and tasty

What are the cons? Harlequin bug magnet


These rutabagas grew well for us last summer & fall. They attracted many harlequin bugs, so I will cover them this year. I start them in trays in early July and plant out when they have 3-5 true leaves. They last well into the fall and are tasty roasted.

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