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Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory Enlarge View
Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory
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Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory (10 seeds) (FL935) $4.50

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Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory

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This a Japanese Imperial type morning glory, which are characterized by their large, wide funnel shaped flowers and relatively bushy growing habit, the flowers close late in the day. This variety boasts extra-large fluted blooms with an amazing, cloudy azure color, the centers and outer edges are a super faint cloud blue to white. Variegated foliage is a great contrast to the sky blue flowers.
Yama Blue White Blush Morning Glory
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Easy to Grow 2.5
EarlyMaturity 2.5

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WI gardener
Madison, WI, United States
August 28, 2017
Nice just accept some variety
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Vigorous, pretty

What are the cons? Not altogether blue


Vigorous seeds take off right away. Foliage is pretty - large leaves and "paint-splotch" type variegation. Some of my flowers have been pink - almost entirely on one plant; only occasionally on the other, amidst the blues. These pink blooms look rather like the flowers in the Yama Pink entry. Not sure if I got a pink seed in my packet, if these aren't quite true to type / need a little more breeding refinement for rogue pinks, or if it's just conditions. (The pink ones might be occurring on wetter, cloudier days?) Either way, the foliage and the flower form are very exciting. I love planting morning glories, so this added some nice variety.

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