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Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn Enlarge View
Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn
  • Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn
  • Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn
  • Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn
  • Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn

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Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn

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This extraordinarily rare, gigantic, red Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe corn (also spelled Yurackallhua), is known by the indigenous people of Cuzco, Peru in the ancient Quechua language as “Puka Parakay Sara.”  It was collected by Joseph and Patrick Simcox in the vicinity of the famous Sacred Valley. Even to the seasoned “Botanical Brothers,” this was definitely a huge surprise! This breath-takingly gorgeous, shiny, red, white and striped corn is a highly sought after variety that was most likely grown centuries ago around Machu Pichu. With proper conditions, it can grow even larger than the “Giant White Yuruckluhua” that Joseph had introduced to Baker Creek Seeds in 2014. Patrick sorted out individual kernels that were much larger than the “Giant White Yuruckluhua (Yurackallhua),” thus, making it one of the largest corn varieties on the planet! Its massive ears are boiled or grilled, then buttered and salted and eaten on the cob.   They are sweet, meaty and delicious; nobody can eat just one of them because they are so good!

   These Peruvian corns are daylight sensitive, being from the Andean region of Southern Peru (the length of the days are shorter) and is grown at high altitudes (2,300 to 3,300 meters above see level) and this variety needs up to 210+ days to reach maturity. When growing this variety, please remember that these Peruvian “Kings of the Corn World” are adapted to cool subtropical conditions year round and won’t take well to extreme heat or freezing cold spells.

Because this corn is day-length sensitive, the long day length in much of the USA could pose the biggest challenge for growers. The Peruvian types usually won’t tassel until the sunlight is down to 12 hours per day, which normally occurs in the northern hemisphere around the 21st of September. If you are successful at getting it to tassel, be ready to assist with pollination. Artificial shading might be a temporary solution until we are able to acclimatize them to northern latitudes. However, there has been some success with Peruvian corn in the Pacific Northwest, as well as other coastal, cooler or higher altitude areas. Hawaii could also prove to be a suitable climate for this variety. Growing the corn in large climate-controlled greenhouses may also prove successful. Please SAVE and SHARE your seeds as well as you gardening techniques if you are successful at getting a crop!

All that said, you can still be one of the first ever to try to grow this amazing corn away from its homeland of Peru! This is the first time ever that this spectacular Puka Parakay Sara corn has been offered commercially, thanks to The Botanical Explorers, Joseph and Patrick Simcox, and Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds! This variety is a MUST for the corn lover! We have a very limited supply to spread among gardeners, seed collectors, and seed artists. We wish there was more!

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