Darien, CT, United States
February 1, 2017
Best sweet pepper selected
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Color, flavor, vigor,

What are the cons? No imminent issues as per yr 1


This is the best sweet pepper from my selection this past year, which included a few bells and the nardellos. As I am growing for perennial pepper trees to be overwintered indoors in zone 7 (easily done; very biologically smart because peppers dont even begin to produce until the second year in terms of their real production), it remains to be seen how productive this plant is. Yield or fruit set so far has been ok, but the quality is amazing and I am assuming that I will get a massive fruit set this summer. This pepper blows away anything in US supermarkets; I'd highly recommend growing this as a perennial indoor/outdoor houseplant temperature depending in a high sun area; fruits are still on my plants for an example of how long they will stay ripe for on plant (february 17). These are the ones you want, I'd also get and do some large blocky bell peppers since everyone loves those as well!

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