Roseneath, Canada
October 7, 2016
Very sweet and sturdy
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Pretty colour

What are the cons? None


These peppers are very crisp and sweet, I ate most of them as a snack while tending the garden, very few made it into the house. Mostly ream coloured but when cooler weather came some got purplish stripes and others turned a pretty orange. We had a very hot and dry summer and these plants never wilted even after several days without water, the peppers during the peak of summer were tasty but didn't get very big (no doubt from lack of water), once the weather cooled in late summer and we got more rain they started producing many peppers, some got to be 6 inches and were very crisp and sweet. I tried staking and caging these guys. The plants do get very heavy but a regular store-bought tomato/plant cage will hold them up fine, with stakes they will still topple over. Pruning and plucking off leaves that have branches budding will make them grow bigger and produce more but even without any tending beyond watering they still got to be a good size. Definitely growing these again next year!

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