(Alpinia galanga)- This ginger relative makes dense and pungent rhizomes, perfect for Southeast Asian and Arabic cuisine. A beautiful tropical, the plants reach an impressive 6 ½ feet tall. Galangal can be grown outdoors as a frost-sensitive perennial in USDA zones 9-10, but northern gardeners can grow this cold-sensitive plant in a pot, much like ginger or turmeric, bringing it inside when the weather turns cold. Galangal is native to Java; its rhizomes are similar to ginger, but notably stronger in flavor and harder to cut into. Galangal is essential to so many Thai dishes that it is nicknamed Thai Ginger.


Plant Care Instrustions: 

Plants cannot tolerate a hard freeze; however, northern growers can grow them in hanging baskets and bring them indoors in the winter or grow them outdoors simply for their gorgeous flowers (but no fruit). Plant outdoors after chance of frost has passed. Choose a sunny site with well-drained soil. Trellis or stake plants to keep them from taking over the garden, as they will otherwise grow into a tangled mess! Prune vines to create airflow and to promote fruiting. WARNING: PLANTS ARE VERY YOUNG AND TENDER. DO NOT PUT THEM OUTSIDE UNTIL ALL DANGER OF FROST HAS PASSED.

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