Ancient Giant Red Trentino Cabbage Turnip (Naone Rosse Antica Trentino)

The Giant Trentino Ancient cabbage Turnip is one of the marvels of the vegetable world.  Joe discovered this amazing vegetable that has all but been forgotten at a rare vegetable seed exchange in northern Italy.  The editor of a regional countryfolk association for the Northern Italian region of Trentino.  According to Plinio Pancirolli of the organization, the "Naone Rosse Trentino Antica" has been raised in the area of Trentino for over 2000 continuous years and there is the historical records to substantiate that information!  Plinio and his colleagues claim that the cabbage turnip , actually Brassica oleracea, and not Brassica napa (Turnip) is so sweet and delicious that it is eaten raw just like a splendid Kohlrabi! The Giant Cabbage turnip is something of a wonder and will grow anywhere kale and cabbage will grow!  Try some and continue this ancient Italian tradition!


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