August 4, 2012
Disappointing first harvest
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EarlyMaturity 3.0

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After watching and waiting for our first Arkansas Black watermelon, we finally harvested the beautiful dark green melon. It measured 14" long and weighed 21 lbs. The underside had turned yellow and the tendrils had withered, just as the instructions had told us should indicate a ripe melon. It was so hard to wait for it to chill before cutting into it. My mouth was watering at just the thought of that first bite. But, lo and behold, as we split it open, disappointment set in. The rind was too thick, the flesh was pinkish red rather than the crimson that was described, and it wasn't sweet at all. I am hoping the next one will be better. Maybe we harvested it too soon, I don't know, but we went according to directions.

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