Vegetable Seeds

Leakesville, MS, United States
June 12, 2018
A survivor
Easy to Grow 3.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? Resilient plant. Great taste.

What are the cons? None


The first year, I grew these in a pot. The plant was beautiful and had so many runners and made fruit. Not a lot but they were really good. Then the Mississippi sun dried them out and most of the runners turned brown and died but the plant survived. So I planted it in the ground but it got mowed over where I put it so I dug it up and replanted it again in another spot which gets half sun half shade. It is sending off runners like crazy this second year but no strawberries yet. This plant has survived being moved twice, getting dried out from the sun and even a bitter cold snap we had back in the winter. I'm so glad I purchased these. I'm very pleased and so I can tell you that these will grow and survive in Zone 8; in southern Mississippi.

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