Vegetable Seeds

Muncie, IN, United States
August 7, 2018
Requires staking bad blight
Easy to Grow 2.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? early, meaty, tastes good

What are the cons? needs staked, gets blight


I purchased this seed because it is stated to not need to be caged or staked. Since we have such trouble with staking, I thought "perfect!" Well, that was not accurate. They are a short plant, and very bushy. At first they seemed like it would be perfect. However, once the tomatoes started growing the plants basically split down the middle and fell in every direction, resulting in all tomatoes being on the ground. We will try them again next year from leftover seed and stake them, see if it helps. If not, I'll change to no, would not recommend to a friend. Pro's: early tomatoes, meaty, good taste Con's: very susceptible to blight, does require staking

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