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Black Spanish Carrot
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Black Spanish Carrot (300 seeds) (CR136) $4.00

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Black Spanish Carrot

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65-75 days. A rich dark purple carrot, reminiscent of the ancient carrots of the Middle East. Purple/black carrots were originally brought to Andalusia, Spain, from North Africa in the 14th century along the Silk Road. Black carrots are still popular in the Malaga region; often sliced extra thin, eaten raw or baked into a stunning purple carrot cake. In Mallorca, the Black Carrot is cooked with stock and olive oil and creamed. Earthy and spicy as opposed to sweet, it’s delicious roasted with other root veggies, making a nice color contrast of deep purple outside with white inside. It likes cooler weather, so plant early or late in the year; in Zone 8 and warmer, plant only in fall or winter.
Black Spanish Carrot
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Number of Reviews: 2
Easy to Grow 0.5
EarlyMaturity 0.5

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7 out of 8 people found the following review helpful:

Moscow, Vladimir oblast, Russian Federation
December 30, 2018
It bolts unfortunately
Easy to Grow 1.0
EarlyMaturity 1.0

What are the pros? nothing(

What are the cons? it bolts


This carrot is not intended for our climate, it bolts. It is more for southern regions like Ukraine and Krasnodar.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful:

Strathmore, 3a, Canada
October 13, 2018
did flower in 1st year
Easy to Grow 0.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? a new variety to try???

What are the cons? got more flowers than roots


sprinkled these in a scattered garden with other purple varieties...i didn't harvest any in my first end of summer harvest...but i did pull a lot of carrot plants with umbels/flowers....during my fall clean up this weekend i found more carrots that i had missed and i did find 4 of these carrots that didn't send up that i've read the description i see that it must have been this variety that flowered during the summer...and given that i hardly harvested any of these compared to the amounts i harvested of my other varieties i believe that this was the case...i may try them again next year if i can get them planted earlier and see if i can pull more roots than flowers...the taste is okay...i didn't find them spicy, actually they tasted more soapy to me than anything...but that may just be my taste kids didn't think they tasted soapy...but they only thought they were okay...i'll try them again next year as i still have seed, and see if i like them better then...

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