1. Planting For Pollinators Is More Important Than Ever


    In many parts of the world, pollinators like monarch butterflies and bumblebees are in crisis. Climate change, habitat destruction, pesticide exposure and other factors have driven pollinators to the brink. Here are some simple steps you can take, right in your own backyard garden!

    The most recent data from our partners at Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation shows that the western monarch population is close to extinction, with a 99.9 percent drop since the 1980s in the number of monarchs found wintering along the California coast. Volunteers for the organization counted only about 2,000 Western monarchs in its 2020 census — compared w

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  2. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


    Looking to brighten the holiday for the gardener or heirloom enthusiast in your life?

    Introducing our very favorite gifts for 2020, from stocking stuffers to gestures of generosity and garden must haves.

    Hit the pink links for more information on each item!



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  3. New Herbs For 2021

    Humans have been using plants as medicine since the Paleolithic era, so growing our own herbs, whether medicinal or culinary, connects us with ancient human history. The craft of making herbal remedies has largely been lost over the years; reconnecting with this traditional skill is rewarding and soul nourishing, and the love and patience we impart upon our handcrafted herbal creations make them highly valuable. Perhaps you have never tried to grow and use herbs because you think they are too complicated or time consuming. However, most herbs can be put to simple uses, and for those more lengthy and involved projects, this might be the year that affords you the spare time to experiment. 

    Akoko Mesa for blog

    If time is a precious commodity, start with basils. The plants themselves are fast and easy to grow, and pestos and other basil-based

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  4. Baker Creek’s 2021 Flower Introductions: New To Us and New For You!



    There are so many reasons to adorn your garden and landscape with heirloom flowers. Our newest floral introductions will wow you and keep your local pollinator population coming back for more. 



    Pansies are an iconic cool-season flower. These vibrantly colored heirlooms are among our very favorite edible flowers, and they are a clever choice for small farmers, as fresh, local edible flowers are highly sought after by restaurants. Try growing the luxuriant and lavish crushed velvet blooms of

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  5. To Make the Most of Your Garden, Try Succession Planting!

    Scenic restaurant gardenHave you ever found yourself with a midsummer garden full of burned-out peas, bolted lettuces and zucchini the size of baseball bats and thought, “Gee, is my garden season already over?”

    If so, let us introduce you to the joys of succession sowing!

    Many crops can be sown several times throughout the season in order to ensure a longer harvest window. With some attention to your local climate, an understanding of your plants’ life cycles and a calendar, you can create a personalized succession sowing plan and enjoy a much longer growing season.


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  6. Growing to Share: Tips for Growing to Feed the Community

    Fotolia harvest basket


    By Shannie McCabe

    The coronavirus outbreak has brought to light and amplified some existing global inequities, one being food access and hunger. Did you know that one in seven children in America live in food-insecure homes? This epidemic will likely increase those already unacceptable numbers. Now that almost all of us are beginning to see the effects of restricted food access, we are able to walk a mile in those shoes, to understand just how difficult it is to live without access to healthy food. 

    It can feel impossible to carve time out of our busy day to give back, but the virus has prompted social distancing measures that have many of us spending more time at home, which means more time for gardening. This is our opportunity

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  7. Classic Heirlooms to Plant in Early Spring

    Classic Heirlooms to Plant in Early Spring

    By Shannie McCabe

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  8. New Varieties for 2020!



    We are proud to present the newest heirlooms to the illustrious lineup at Baker Creek! Our seed team has searched across the globe and from greatest gardens of the past to assemble a stellar collection of open-pollinated varieties. We are delighted to share our collection of curiosities, from the rare, exotic and whimsical to the time-honored treasures plucked from the annals of heirloom history. 


    Innovative Vegetable Introductions 

    Picture a garden bursting with tasty vegetables; with these prolific, productive and delicious vegetable crops, you can grow an abundance of nutritious produce and have

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    Held the First Sunday of the Month March thru October


    Join us at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company as we celebrate the seasons!


    Round up your family and come to our exciting, fun-filled festivals that celebrate the growing season with produce, music, crafts and garden speakers!

    Spring brings a plant lover’s paradise to our festivals.  In May, our largest festival of the year, you can hear top of the line garden speakers that truly are America’s cream of the crop!

    Then, celebrate summer and fall by savoring the fruits of our labor as we display our

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    Whether you are driving down US Highway 60 or perusing a Baker Creek Seed catalog, you surely must have seen a photograph of our own David Leroy Kaiser, more simply known as Dave. While he has been a fixture around Baker Creek since the inception of the company, he has recently achieved “celebrity” status as the star of Baker Creek silent films.

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