The crocus is a small and simple bloom, and yet, as their heads begin to peek out of the snow in late winter, we often greet them with elation. If you are someone who eagerly awaits the arrival of spring flowers, you must plant this cheerful early bird!  

Crocus is a reliable, impressively cold-hardy, and easy-to-grow perennial spring flower that blooms extra early in spring. Crocus is native to the Mediterranean and has been documented as a beloved garden flower for many centuries.  

Why We Love Crocus 

  • It's an excellent investment! Crocus easily naturalizes and spreads in the landscape.  
  • It’s a pollinator plant! Crocus is one of the first sources of pollen and nectar that early pollinators need as they emerge in early spring. 
  • It’s easy to grow! The bulbs are super care-free and require very little upkeep.  
  • And versatile! Crocus is suitable for rock gardens, perennial beds, or can be planted directly into the lawn or beneath the shade of a tree. It is also a great choice for forcing indoors in pots or water. 
Orange crocus closeup                                                                                                                                                                Prins Claus crocus

How Do You Grow Crocus? 

The crocus is not grown from seeds, but rather from a corm. (A corm is very similar to a bulb and the terms are often used interchangeably.) Corms are planted in the fall and bloom in the very early spring. 

Plants are tolerant of poor, rocky soil; they just require good drainage as the corms do not like to sit in wet soil during winter. Provide full sun to part shade, but keep in mind that blooms appear, bloom, and die back before most trees leaf out, and can therefore be planted in the understory and still receive enough sunlight to thrive.  

Crocus look best planted in clusters of at least 10 and should be spaced 2 to 3 inches apart. They should be planted 2 to 3 times as deep as the diameter of the corm itself.  

Orange and yellow crocus                                                                                                                                                  Orange Monarch crocus

Varieties We Love  

Prins Claus- (Crocus chrysanthus) Perennial in zones 3-8. Snow-white petals are brush stroked in eggplant purple, making for a delightfully dainty display in early spring. Plants reach 3 to 6 inches tall and look so lovely planted in clumps or en masse. These charming blooms return each year, and are a lovely harbinger of springtime. 
Orange Monarch- The lovely Orange Monarch is the only truly orange crocus. Its golden orange blooms, dramatically splashed with dark burgundy striations, really do evoke a sighting of their namesake butterfly! Orange Monarch is also one of the earliest blooming spring flowers. It is delightful in beds, borders, and containers, and it can be planted in woodlands or lawns for a welcome bit of color in a late winter or early spring landscape. So hardy and just four to six inches tall!