Winter Squash

San Diego Gardener
San Diego, CA
July 5, 2013
Beautiful Great Tasting Squash
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Takes care of itself

What are the cons? None


This squash has become a staple in my summer garden. It will produce large, excellent-flavored, long-storing squash under less than ideal circumstances, which is generally all I can give it. My plants still manage to give me at least one good sized squash per vine that will feed me and my husband for a week. For those of you struggling with the skin, here's a tip from my grandmother. Keep a squash hatched and hammer in your kitchen. Hatchets are cheap, I bought one that I use only for food prep (if you eat a lot of large hard squash, this is a good investment). Don't whack the squash with the hatchet. Instead, position the blade where you want to cut and tap the wide back of the hatched head with the hammer to drive the blade into the squash. This is WAY safer than trying to hack away at a large squash with a knife. The hatchet may crack the squash so your pieces aren't symmetrical but who cares. Once the squash is split apart your knife becomes much more effective.

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