Winter Squash

Blue Hubbard Squash

(C. maxima) 110 days. A spectacular storage squash, the famously long lasting hubbard squash arrived in Marblehead Massachusetts in 1854 in the holds of a ship from the West Indies. Seeds from the large green squash that originated in South America were shared with local seedsman J.H Gregory. A savvy breeder, Gregory selected the hubbard’s skin to a more unique blue color and devoted his career to marketing the massive fruits. Gregory credited a Miss Hubbard as the person who originally gifted him the seeds, he noted that she told him it was the best tasting squash she had ever tried and that she was given the seeds from a Captain aboard a ship from the West Indies. A conflicting account from a local Marblehead woman stated that Miss Hubbard had bred the squash in her home garden from seeds originally brought on the ship from the West Indies. Either way, the collosal blue squash was naturally a great choice for a long sea journey as the thick skin makes for a longer shelf life. Blue Hubbard squash are known for keeping up to 6 months in the pantry. The fruit can weigh from 15- 40 pounds each, making them top choice for restaurants and family meals.


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