Verdi, NV, United States
September 3, 2017
Beautiful Pods and Giant Beans
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Large, Hardy and Beautiful

What are the cons? Pollination Hit and Miss


Well, I chose to grow these on a Southern border of a corn block. I wasn't going to use them for eating this year as they are brand new to here. I am impressed by how hardy they are. We grew them with less than an inch of water per week and they did really well. Unlike most of our bush beans, they did not turn into pole beans which was is a first out of 17 or so cultivars. Since, we are not selling them to eat this year I cannot give a recommendation for eating; however, friends of ours say they are absolutely delicious to eat as beans or pods. We'll take them at their word. I am just impressed by their color and size of each bean. They cover almost 1/2 of a quarter's broad side this generation. As for the dislike, I believe because we watered so little the pollination was kind of stunted in the heat. It's alright we made out with more than enough to be a net zero balance.

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