Buyer Beware Bread

wheatLRBread, the staff of life, is also a cornerstone of civilized life. Bread started out simply enough, becoming ever more complicated as new ingredients were added, until, today, mainstream bread is a toxic cocktail of traditional and high-tech ingredients. Just like the rest of our civilization.

It wasn't always so. Time was, bread was a simple product, consisting of not more than wheat, barley, or other wholesome grains, ground into flour, mixed with water, and baked over a fire. ‚Äč 

In ancient Egypt there were professional bakers; loaves could be purchased from them rather than baked in every home. By the time of the Greeks and Romans, if not before, numerous natural additives were routinely employed--salt first, probably, or wine, oil, milk, and so on. Medieval bakers probably continued the traditions they inherited. Bread was still bread.

And so it went until the mid-twentieth century. Then, with the industrialization of food (and everything else), pure wholesome bread took a nosedive. Chemicals were identified to make bread quicker and easier to make, and therefor cheaper.

azodicarbonamide or ADA--conditions dough, bleaching agent, carcinogen and also used in manufacturing rubber products

potassium bromate--dough conditioner, lessens baking time, carcinogen and endocrine disruptor,

Calcium propionate--preservative, causes autism-like symptoms in laboratory animals

Ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and phosphates - provides food for yeasts, hastening rising, acidity regulator for dough, also used as a flame-retardant

High-fructose corn syrup--sweetener, implicated in obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disturbances

L-cysteine --softening agent, derived from feathers,cow horns and human hair. A supposedly harmless amino acid, but not approved for vegetarians. Soylent green, anyone?Grain_White_Sonora_Wheat_IMG_9937

Better not lean too hard on that "staff of life"!

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